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Jehovah’s Witnesses Plan on Looting the Dead

Submitted by Jaymes on April 4, 2012 - 5:00 am 25 Comments

the-green-near-broad-walkWhen I was younger and out on the field service with my pioneering mother, I remember being assigned to knock on the lavish Broad Walk houses in Winchmore Hill, North London, England. Broad Walk isn’t your run of the mill avenue as it features some of the largest homes in England. Roger Moore (James Bond), for instance, bought one of the mansions in the early eighties.

It was always a pleasure working the houses on Broad Walk because I was allowed to pick out which house would be mine after Armageddon struck. Being a youngster, I never really understood the gravitas of the situation. I do remember it well though. Our Book Study elder, Richard Aitman, would stand on the corner of The Green (a lovely patch of grass that sat just at the foot of Broad Walk) and wait for the rest of the brothers and sisters to arrive. Once all of us congregated on The Green, Richard would normally say “Brothers and sisters, this is your chance to pick out your house.” He would sometimes throw in some non-humorous humour such as “now now brothers and sisters, I don’t want you squabbling over each others house. In the New World that Jehovah will prepare for us, it’ll be first-come, first-serve.”

So there I was, normally accompanied by my mother, walking up and down one of the most prestigious real estate property lots in the UK. I wasn’t preoccupied with the ministry and all that nonsense. Instead, all I could think about was which house I would move into.

Thankfully, I’m all grown up now. I don’t have any imaginary friends and neither do I think about looting the dead – for that’s what it is, right? Without thinking, I was contemplating looting the dead – taking anything within the house that tickled my fancy as well as the house! There’s no other way to put it.

JWB just wouldn’t be JWB without my expected rant, so here it is…

Looting the dead is a disgusting, immoral and selfish action. Think about it – a Jehovah’s Witness first contemplates which house they want to move into. They have their eye on it for quite a while and even (as was the case with me) daydream about living in this house. I personally know some Jehovah’s Witnesses that have walked past expensive furniture shops and said “oh that would look lovely in that house.” ‘That house’ being the home they intend to loot.

I need you to now delve into the world of the imaginary. Are you there yet? You’ll know you are as soon as I tell you that Jehovah has shown his true love for mankind by wiping out 99.9% of human life on Earth. As a Jehovah’s Witness, you’ve had your eye on that beautiful, 14 room mansion. As you approach its vast front garden, you see a man lying on the grass. He’s dead – serves him right too. He told me to get lost the last time I knocked on his door. You approach the front door. It’s opened. “Praise Jehovah” you say. You wouldn’t know how to get into the house if the door was locked. “Oh wow,” you think to yourself as you pass over the threshold. It’s far nicer than you ever imagined. You take a self-appointed tour through your new home and write down the items you want to keep. Not everything in the house is to your liking.

As you make your way up the grand stairs, you hear something scurrying around. You quietly approach one of the bedrooms. “I hope it’s not another Jehovah’s Witness,” you think. You peek your head around the door post. “Oh, thank Jehovah,” you think to yourself. Thankfully, it’s not another Jehovah’s Witness, but a crow, eating the eyes out of a dead girl. She can’t be more than three or four years old. “Oh well,” you think to yourself, “her parents should have answered the door and taken in the accurate knowledge I was willing to share with them”.

You begin the clearing out process. These people must have been so rich. They spent so much money on their daughter. You’ve had to remove truckloads of baby clothes and toys. Silly people, why would a family of three want a 14 bedroom house anyway? You also spent ages picking up all the family photos. You dropped the massive family album and the pictures went absolutely everywhere! Also, you’ve had to repaint the little girls room as her parents kept marking the wall to measure her height. Silly people, didn’t they know Armageddon was coming?

After a week, you’ve finally removed the corpses and cleaned the house. You’ve also damaged the locks on the front and back doors, for you won’t be needing any sort of locking mechanisms in the New World Jehovah has so lovingly provided for you.

Okay people, let’s come back to reality…

If you’re not a Jehovah’s Witness and have read this, you most probably think I am exaggerating. Unfortunately, I’m not. The Watchtower, Bible and Tract Society of Jehovah’s Witnesses clearly promotes this line of thinking.

If you’re a Jehovah’s Witness and have read up till here, I have a task for you. Please take a picture of the house you want to move into after Armageddon and email it to us. Tell us the address of it also. Ben and I will try to contact the owner of the house and tell them that their house will be left in good hands after the birds have finished tearing away their flesh.

  • Steve McRoberts

    Estevan, Do you really think it’s wise to chose your road based on what you perceive as someone else’s ignorance?

    Actually, it was Rosebud (the JW defender) who started running off his potty-mouth here first: using the F word and calling the author of the post an asshole (a word he’s used much more frequently than Bill.)

    All Bill did was point out that according to the very religion Rosebud is defending, Rosebud will die at Armageddon along with the rest of us “assholes.”

    Please tell me how you make the leap from these facts to concluding that the Watchtower religion must be right for you and your family. I am very curious to understand how such “thinking” works.

    You will find that there are jerks in and out of the Watchtower religion. I wouldn’t make any long-term decisions based on that fact.

    Finally, the Watchtower does much more than “spread his word.” They cause the deaths of their gullible followers by banning life-saving medical procedures, endanger them by harboring pedophiles, and drive families apart (and individuals to suicide) through their shunning policies. That is not a road I would recommend to any family.

    Please think again.

  • http://atozphotography407.zenfolio.com/ A to Z Photography

    Wild Bill, You can also be a Butt Hair and you too will Die, you don’t have to be a complete ASS! and you will if you don’t change your tune soon! for your time is short, our judgement day will be side by side. My name is Estevan Guzman remember it! Even Barabás was chosen over the man that gave his life for yours to come into this world and belittle those who choose nothing else but, to spread his word. Shame, Shame on you! I will pray for you my brother, I am not a JW , but your ignorance is helping me choose which road my family and I will take….. Thank you!……….Eg

  • Steve McRoberts

    Hey RoseBud, you’re right, man: these things are coming true!!! I read Revelation and then, sure enough: I saw a seven-headed wild beast walking down the street with a whore on its back! Then I looked the other way and saw a bunch of locusts that looked like crowned horses with human faces and scorpions’ tails!

    You’re right about people not being physically forced to stay in this religion too. But few cults, outside of the movies, use physical force to retain their members. Instead they use peer-pressure, social control, mind control, and scare tactics (e.g. “Armageddon is coming! Better get with the org if you don’t want to die!”) This religion is an expert at these techniques. That’s why people are so reluctant to leave or even examine what they’re forced to believe. It’s also why the suicide rate is so high amongst them.

    I am one person on this Earth who can honestly say that I do NOT see Armageddon coming. [My first paragraph was sarcastic.] I’ll bet there are quite a few more like me.

    If you’re going to be on the Internet you’d better calm down a bit, because you’re going to see a lot of criticism of the Watchtower religion by those of us who are free to state our honest opinion of the ridiculous and sometimes fatal drivel that they spew.

  • P Med Nic

    wow bill thats so loving nottttttttt

  • P Med Nic

    hey bill you didnt answer my message in facebook

  • Bill Benson

    I don’t care what happens to you. But clearly you *do* care what people think which is why you came on here to attack the author of the post. Make up your mind.
    Oh, and they are *not* ‘your own’ because you’re not one, remember?

  • RoseBud77

    I can be an asshole all I want, free will I’ve made my choice..What are you gonna do about it? What do you care if I’m going to die or not in Armageddon? Are you gonna save me?! It’s how I am and I have a sailors mouth. I really don’t care what you think ;). Just call me Pleasant Asshole xoxo ….

  • Bill Benson

    You started off so pleasantly and then ended by showing your true colours. According to WTS doctrine unless *you* stop being an asshole, you know you’re going to die at Armageddon too, right?

  • Deviantelle

    I was from Michigan and heard and did the same things…
    We all made quips about *dibs on that house*.
    I remember the talks about the crows and the bodies. ..
    This isn’t a bash. This is how a huge percentage of jws were taught and raised.

  • RoseBud 77

    I am not a JW, but was raised in the religion. I never heard an elder or my mother say to puck a home that id like to live in after Armageddon, and especially talks about looting the dead. Im not baptized nor do i follow the JW’s, but what i do see as a outsider looking in is that everything that’s been preached and read on the book od Revelation is coming to pass. It doesnt take a JW or any religion for anyone with common sense to see what the world is becoming. I think everyone on this earth and of any religion can honestly say they see Armageddon coming! I dont think bashing the Jehovah’s witnesses will make you any better or smarter.. Your just fullfiling something that was writren down many many years ago and coming after them almost as a persecution. So maybe you should apend less time bashing and pick up a bible .. Any bible and look for yourself what is happening infront of your faces. Its happening, the world is going to sh*t while you smart people are to busy disecting a religion that doesnt make you stay if you dont care for it. They are not a cult, cults make you stay and never let ypu go. You have a choice, leave or stay. Dont sh*t on pple that feel this religion is right for them just bc it makes you feel better or fucken righteous bc ypu think ypur doing something. Thats just being an asshole! My parwnts are JW’s and even if im not part of it or baptized or a preacher. I will alqays stand up to asshole like you that go after my own, and try to come after them, your just the work of whats been said that would come after them for preaching and speaking of god! Get a life, be peoductive! RoseBud77

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  • Merri-Ella


    if it helps I don’t recall ever “picking” out a house I wanted to live in after Armageddon. But I know some of my friends from other halls would eye certain houses. I just assumed it was their personal thing. But I also know that often times things are drastically different from one congregation to another.

  • Veronica

    Ha! I remember my mother talking about this. I always loved Victorian architecture and whenever I saw a house I thought was beautiful, she would tell me that it will be mine someday. Don’t remember anyone else talking about it though.

  • johnny

    All jws think alike, same thing down here in the south pacific. Can you imagine crows and vultures in the new system of things,buffet time ,this birds would be so fat that they cant fly for months.

    If only birds could talk i`m sure right now they must be counting days , months or years as for animals like lions and tigers their feast is right now for come armageddon too bad they go vegetarians.
    Doesnt make any sense at all, predatory birds eat flesh while predatory animals go vegetarians in paradise.
    If animals could talk they would go on strike in paradise.Not taking part in the big feast is unfair for all predatory animals.

  • Dillen

    JWs can keep on dreaming, but Armageddon ain’t coming any time soon! I know if they spot my mansion or newly renovated house when door knocking, they’re gonna be drooling and day dreaming all week at what kind of property they’re going to be “moving into” and one of them is gonna be mine! OK, I’m bragging here — sorry! I just like how well the blog is written and yes, I remember things like this and ME, claiming a mansion from one of my (secret) worldly heroes, if I were a JW who made it through Armageddon, such as Richard Branson? That is crazy talk! I can’t imagine myself (living) LOOTING in his mansion or on HIS private island except visiting! Looting the dead is disgusting and how dare they say they hate the rich, yet will claim/drool over mansions!
    Again, thank you for the well, well written blog! Love this so much! =} <3

  • Lufe

    I even remember discussions while out going door to door about how the crows were getting bigger. Presumably in preparation for Armageddon.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Ben

    @Garbonzo The Jehovah’s Witnesses use this disgusting scripture in Jeremiah 25:33 to describe what post-armageddon Earth will be like, leaving nothing to the imagination when it comes to whether the bodies will be cleaned up or not. “And those slain by Jehovah will certainly come to be in that day from one end of the earth clear to the other end of the earth. They will not be bewailed, neither will they be gathered up or be buried. As manure on the surface of the ground they will become.’”

    Also, who’s to pick and choose which scriptures are symbolic or not? When it suits an agenda? 144,000 literal. 7 day creation symbolic. It’s a joke. You’d think an almighty god could make sure his book would be understood easily, at least by his so-called own people!



  • Garbonzo

    This is a very hard subject to research. If it is true, maybe the WTS doesn’t want to bring it up too often for obvious reasons. But my research tells me that that scripture is symbolic… it is listed under symbolic. Not once have I heard about looting the dead, etc. or seeing dead bodies. I didn’t spend much time in service down south (Tennessee), so I can only speak from NY and Ohio congregations. It doesn’t really make sense to me, even if I believed in the religion. Why would we have to clean up the skeletons of the dead after we see dead bodies being eaten by worms and birds if God could do it? I can get my Dad to listen to that talk for “encouragement” and then lay on the questions after if a GB member really does say that! Thanks.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Ben

    Thanks Lacy. I hope you have a good day at work!

    The fact of the matter is that the death of so many billions of people from a so called ‘loving’ god is disgusting and Jehovah’s Witnesses are told to pray every day for this to occur! When they are taught to yearn for the horrific deaths of innocent children, their neighbor and colleagues, and they work a minimum wage job because the Society told them not to get a good education, many Jehovah’s Witnesses slip into losing touch with their humane side and looking forward to the spoils.


  • Lacy

    I agree with Teeny and Ben. I am in the US and recall vivid talks about how the bodies would be piled up and the crows would be eating them and it would be our job to clean it all up (I think it was some reference to Jeremiah but don’t have time to look it up now on my way out to work). Nothing was ever said to magically disappear. We were always told we would have to clean up the buildings that were destroyed, but that many would be left for us and the resurrected to live in. It was said that buildings would remain because we would have so much work to do cleaning up, that Jehovah would leave many houses so we would have somewhere to live while restoring the earth. Thus why it was common for people to eye up other houses that non-JWs owned.
    These are things that were taught both in my congregations in Pennsylvania and South Carolina. Many of the elders came from other states as well. These are clearly widespread beliefs and behaviors that have found their way into other countries like the UK and Cyprus at the very least.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny


    You said, and I quote – “Also, speaking about those destroyed. 99% of the population being destroyed is still awful, but everyone assumed that the bodies would disappear.”

    Not wanting to be rude or anything like that – can I ask what religion you grew up in? If you were brought up as a Jehovah’s Witness in Cyprus, I could understand (as JW upbringings on this island are lax) your reasoning. But you were brought up in the States, right?

    This is taken from the New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures:

    Revelation 19:17-18 I saw also an angel standing in the sun, and he cried out with a loud voice and said to all the birds that fly in midheaven: “Come here, be gathered together to the great evening meal of God, 18 that YOU may eat the fleshy parts of kings and the fleshy parts of military commanders and the fleshy parts of strong men and the fleshy parts of horses and of those seated upon them, and the fleshy parts of all, of freemen as well as of slaves and of small ones and great.”

    The above scripture obviously wasn’t detailed enough for the scholars in Brooklyn, so they had to add their own little charade.

    “Worms will not stop swarming over the millions of bodies until the last body is eaten up. Birds and beasts also will eat their fill of human flesh until nothing is left but white bones.” p. 207-210 From Paradise Lost to Paradise Regained

    Note: Change “millions” to billions…

    I don’t want to sound as though I am bragging, but I can come up with Watchtower quotes all day if you like. If you like, take a look at this thread on JWN. It discusses the article I wrote. I think you’ll find you’re in the minority (of one) – http://www.jehovahs-witness.net/watchtower/beliefs/224009/1/Jehovahe28099s-Witnesses-Plan-on-Looting-the-Dead.

    Kind regards,

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Ben

    Hi Garbonzo,

    Jehovah’s Witness Blog takes a look at not only the official beliefs of Jehovah’s Witnesses but the behaviour of its members as well. As you can see by the comments, hearing people talk about looting the dead is not a rare thing. In fact, not one thing we have written on this blog is a lie – we have the JWB promise which says that if you can show we have lied about anything, we retract it. Can’t get fairer than that.

    I don’t understand why you think post-Armageddon will be clean and happy – Jehovah’s Witnesses have taught from the platform that the dead will be everywhere and need cleaning up. A talk from a Governing Body member in 2007 discusses this clearly and next week we’ll be putting the audio clip up.

    Thanks for your opinion though.



  • Garbonzo

    Heh. I guess this is a blog and you are relating your own experience, but I think it is important to differentiate official teaching and congregational interpretations. Growing up a Witness, we always daydreamed and envisioned building our own houses, on a nice green hillside with no buildings except other housing projects, maybe woods in the back, near a river or a beach, etc. Never looting other people’s housing or occupying them. If you look at the official society pictures of Paradise, you will notice it is the same way. You never see buildings, whether they are destroyed or not. I always assumed the consensus (this is what my family and the brother and sisters in my congregations I have been to and my family’s congregations have always said) was that all the buildings would vanish except for JW buildings and kingdom halls which would act as camp bases. We would live in tents in the meantime. Also, speaking about those destroyed. 99% of the population being destroyed is still awful, but everyone assumed that the bodies would disappear.

    *** w83 11/15 p. 6 Life in Paradise—Will It Be Boring? ***
    This building and planting program will last for a long time because housing will be needed not just for the Armageddon survivors but also for the billions who will return progressively during the resurrection. What endless possibilities there will be for architectural initiative and variety of design!—Revelation 16:14-16; 21:3, 4

    Note it says “Armageddon survivors”. If those who survive Armageddon will only be 1 – 10% (guessing) of those who have housing currently, why would we need to BUILD houses, if there are already those built we can live in?

    *** kl chap. 19 p. 184 par. 10 When the Knowledge of God Fills the Earth ***
    There will be plenty of enjoyable work to be done by Armageddon survivors. They will transform the earth into a paradise. Any vestiges of the polluted old system will be cleared away. Parks and gardens will emerge in place of slums and ruined land

    Note it says the old system will be cleared away. I am guessing that means the old houses.

    Unless you have official teachings quoted and cited, I think you should make a note or something saying this is only your experience or something. I think it was just a UK thing or a brother who thought that up and then it spread.

    I am just saying this, because as ex-JWs we should be known for searching for the real truth on every matter, and we should not stoop down to the JW level by promoting lies or half-lies, etc.

    If someone reading this wants to check official doctrine and they see no validicity of these statements, how will it look on ex-JWs as a whole? We may be leading people to JWs instead of steering them away.

    It is important to not cross the fine line of helping people find the real truth and just being mad and aggressive at the WTS by any way you can. This will only prove the JWs right by the stigma that Apostates are angry people mad at the organization and wants to take their revenge with lies, etc.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny


    “It is heartwarming to know that mass murder strengthens the bond of worldwide brotherhood!”

    Well that’s a quote that will stay with me until the crows come calling.

  • Lacy

    It’s nice/disturbing to know fellow JW’s across the Atlantic were doing the same thing as we in America did while growing up! Somewhere in the world at this very moment is a car group driving around in service (probably doing return visits at opposite ends of the territory in between taking bathroom and donut shop breaks but still counting all that driving and break time on their time sheets) and discussing what houses they want. It is heartwarming to know that mass murder strengthens the bond of worldwide brotherhood!