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Wait on Jehovah

Submitted by Jaymes on May 4, 2012 - 10:01 pm 9 Comments

How long have you been waiting on Jehovah?What’s cringeworthy? Some tell me that fingernails scraping against a blackboard can be quite off-putting. I could never see the fascination in that to be honest. No, what really gets my goat is the puppet parroting the master. What do I mean?

Have you ever been in a conversion with a Jehovah’s Witness when out of nowhere, they start parroting word for word the Organisation’s get-out clause, “oh but you must understand that the Organisation is run by imperfect men and we have to wait on Jehovah for new light.”

In fact, that’s a double cringe. It feels like we’ve been slapped in the face with a wet fish by the first expression “the Organisation is run by imperfect men,” and then kicked in the unmentionables with the second expression “wait on Jehovah for new light.”

Let’s break down these two famous Jehovah’s Witness expressions in full-on JWB style.

Organisation is Run by Imperfect Men

Have you ever noticed when this first expression is used? Normally, you’ll only ever hear it when some disgruntled Witnesses are talking about the mistakes that the elders or the circuit overseer has made. There’s always one mighty Jehovah’s Witness in the crowd that’s waiting in the wings to tell the group that they mustn’t be so hard on the Organisation as it’s run by imperfect men.

On some rare occasions, you’ll hear it being used whenever lives are systematically trashed by the Governing Body’s decisions. It can also be heard from the platform, when an elder is trying to dodge the issue and admit that a doctrinal change was needed because the Organisation is, at the end of the day, run by imperfect men.

Wait on Jehovah for New Light

The expression that tells us to ‘wait on Jehovah’ for new light has a few faces. You’ve probably heard it in its ‘wait on Jehovah to fix things’ or simply in its ‘Jehovah will fix things’ incarnation. Thing is, I’ve been hearing this excuse more and more. Why? Because Jehovah keeps getting it wrong? Or is it because the Organisation is run by imperfect men? Who cares?

I was a twinkle in my mothers boyfriends’ testes in 1975, so I asked her why so many Jehovah’s Witnesses left in that year. “Mum, you do realise that the Governing Body’s decision to say that 1975 was the beginning of the 1,000 reign destroyed people’s lives? Many didn’t set up retirement or health plans in anticipation of the end of the system of things. This impacted on their children and caused so much heartache and stress.”

I always get the same response, “the Organisation back then, as it is now, is run by imperfect men. I knew to wait on Jehovah, so I don’t know why these ones didn’t. In the end, they left the truth and showed their true colours. Why didn’t they wait on Jehovah?”

My mother has a way of putting things. She’s also a brilliant woman.

I turned her answer on its head by asking the following; “why did the Governing Body run ahead of the scriptures? Why didn’t they wait on Jehovah? Why does the rule to ‘wait on Jehovah’ only apply to regular Jehovah’s Witnesses and not the Governing Body?”

If I’m right in my reasoning, ‘Jehovah’ will fix things’ because the Governing Body has ruined it for everyone because they haven’t ‘waited on Jehovah’ because they simply don’t know any better as they’re ‘imperfect men’.

I remember when a brother here in Cyprus was disfellowshipped because he allowed his son to have a blood transfusion. Could you imagine that brother getting let off the hook because he told the three elders in the Judicial Committee to ‘wait on Jehovah to fix things’ because in the near future blood transfusions would become a conscience decision? Well don’t even try and think of doing that in your Judicial Committee because it won’t work. Yet, isn’t it ironic that the Governing Body routinely gets away with it by using this tactic, and worse still, no one complains! Why can no one see the hypocrisy?

Believe it or not, but the two Jehovah’s Witness expressions of ‘the Organisation is run by imperfect men’ and ‘we have to wait on Jehovah’ have allowed the Governing Body to get away with murder, literally!

  • andy

    you say cults have seclusion and secrecy so what exactly are the elders and their secret elders book called shepherd the flock of god. you wont have seen this book unless of course you look for a copy on the internet as its a closely guarded secret by the elders and the bethel.

  • gee

    Define cult. Because I can tell you thousands of nasty things that the churches are doing that God hates but satan have blinded the minds of people…

  • johnny

    @angrygirl07 i hope that one day you will know the truth abt the jw org the truth will set you free. who knows may be next time we might see @happygirl07 free at last.

  • johnny

    imperfect men that are being guided by the “holy spirit”

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    @angrygirl07 – You say we lie and are “full of s**t”. So, show us the evidence. Go on. I’m so sick of people like you trashing what we have written without providing a shred of evidence to back it up. The JWB promise is fair – provide evidence we lied and we’ll retract it with public apology. So go on. Consider the gauntlet thrown.

  • angrygirl07

    I’m not one and even I know your blog is full of s**t and @ spiritual brother there not predictions there prophecys get real…@dillen there’s only pressure to be perfect if you put that on yourself in any religion …@rosemary cults are groups that have seclusion and privacy I doubt there hooded people behind closed doors and rob?? Please they have a choice no one is making them stay and apostate? I read somewhere that they just didn’t get there way so or the answer they wanted so now they spread lies and hate and I think that’s pretty pathetic if you have no life lololol

  • http://spiritualbrother.blogspot.com Spiritualbrother

    Great points. When it comes to failed predictions I think the WT holds the record.

  • Dillen

    It’s good to be out of it because the pressure to be perfect sucks and it’s only my second little sister who is still in it and refuses to leave it. I do feel sorry for her because she picks family outings over boring assembly meetings and it sickens me so much!

  • rosemary osborn

    It is a cult always hasbeen always will be. It is sickening to me what they have done. It has
    robbed me of 2 sister and a brother that I love and miss sooo much as they are controlled by
    that cult religion and I am now an apostate because I read beyond their Watchtower faults.
    I pray every day to be reunited with them-may they someday see the lies.