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No More 3 Day District Conventions?

Submitted by Jaymes on July 12, 2012 - 9:22 am 100 Comments
Rumours are that there will be no more 3 Day District Conventions

Randy and Susan at the Twickenham, London District Convention

Rumours are rife that this series of Jehovah’s Witness District Conventions will be the last time we’ll have to sit through 3 entire days of complete and utter boredom.

Nothing’s concrete at the moment, but word from District Convention committee members is that there will be no 3 day district conventions planned for 2013. No stadia are being booked, hotels aren’t being pressured into lowering their room rates and finally, we won’t have to listen to any more experiences from Brothers and Sisters who lost their jobs because their boss didn’t allow them to take the Friday off.

If it’s true and we’ve just witnessed the final 3 Day District Conventions, I am sure you’re all wanting to know why the boffins up in Watchtower HQ decided to pull the plug. JWB intelligence tells us that it’s the culmination of a few things:

  1. The contributions are drying up
    1. The Watchtower Society isn’t raking in the donations like it used to, so why bother with a 3 day convention when it can just as easily put up a 2 day convention.
  2. Cost of renting stadia is going up
    1. I’ve ever only been to the Twickenham (London, England) District Conventions. It costs thousands to rent out stadia like Twickenham and as the above point shows, it’s just not worth the Watchtower Society’s while.
  3. Change is good – change shows we’re in the “Last Days”
    1. Have you noticed that the word “Change” is changed to the term “New Arrangement” once you’re in “The Truth”? Whenever a “New Arrangement” comes along, the Brothers & Sisters get excited. They’re not sure why they’re excited, so we start to hear some sound bites to the tune of “Well, this shows that the end must be really near”. Or, “Whenever the Organisation make a change like this, it must mean Armageddon is right around the corner.”
  4. Friday’s are a killer
    1. Since I can remember, the Watchtower Society has been trying to get all the Jehovah’s Witnesses to take Friday off from work and attend the first day of the District Convention. Here are some examples that we’ve been told over the years. Bear in mind, these examples have a slight JWB element added to them.

Does this District Convention Experience Bring Back Memories?

A couple of months before the big day, we’re told about Susan, a loyal and god-fearing Sister. She’s a single mum as her husband had an affair with hundreds of women since finding out his wife wanted to become a Witness. Susan is also a regular pioneer and works shift work at her local supermarket.

In the 10 years as a Jehovah’s Witness, our Susan has never missed the opening day of the District Convention. Each and every year, she knows that she’ll have a real struggle with her Atheist boss. He’s a good man, but doesn’t believe in God and so can’t understand why Susan wants to take a day off.

Before Susan approaches her boss, she prays to Jehovah – the supreme being who created the plants and then the sun – and asks him to open up her Atheist boss’ heart so that he can allow her to take the day off.

The next day, Susan asks her boss if she can take the following Friday off as she needs to attend the FREE 3 Day District Convention.

“Susan, I am sorry, but it’s just not possible this year as you’ve had all your days off when you went to that Pioneer School thing. Besides, haven’t you heard your religion is involved in the biggest payout of any religious organisation in a child abuse case?”

Susan thanks her boss. Deep inside, Susan can picture the day when birds peck out her boss’ eyes. She hopes that something can change her boss’ mind, but she’s running out of time.

The next day, Susan approaches her boss and resigns. Her boss is distraught because he has always tried to hire Jehovah’s Witnesses because of their honesty and well-mannered ways.

Susan is a single mum, a pioneer, and now she’s out of a job. She’s decided to look for a job after the District Convention. Susan has decided to put the Kingdom first in her life and fully relies on Jehovah to support her.

On Thursday (a day before the District Convention), Susan is out on the ministry alone (with two hunky angels by her side). She’s been assigned to knock on the doors of some very large houses. As she approaches one, it takes her fancy and she can picture herself living in it after Armageddon.

When she knocks on the door, a man answers the door.

“Hi, my name is Susan…”

Before she can finish, the man says, “Hi Susan, I’m Randy. Please come in.”

Susan is taken aback. She follows the man into the house and towards his office.

“Now Susan, the job is only on a part-time basis, but the pay is excellent and if you can prove yourself, I’ll up your pay even more.”

“But Randy, I… I am not here for an interview, I came here to talk to you about…”

“Susan, you’re a Jehovah’s Witness, right?”

“Yes, I am!”

“Well Susan, I only hire Jehovah’s Witnesses and if you think you can file, write some letters for me and post them promptly, the job is yours if you want it. Also, don’t you have one of your conventions coming up?”

“Yes, it’s tomorrow in fact.”

“Okay. I’ll tell you what. I’ll come with you. What time should I pick you up?”

Susan looks over at her hunky angel companions and whispers “thank you”.

Brothers and Sisters, do you see how putting Jehovah first in your life can lead to better opportunities… or a Window Cleaning business?

See you on Friday.

  • Me

    Pretty certain that isn’t the correct spelling moron, they call themselves Jehovah’s Witnesses so talking about yourself you would call yourself a Jehovah’s Witness. You’re obviously an idiot that doesn’t actually know anything about witnesses or the religion apart from heresay or media rubbish you have heard.

  • will

    i know this is an old post to your blog and i guess that is what shows that you are an idiot or your sources are obviously idiots because it is july 2014 and we are still having a 3 day convention

  • M

    The day will come.

    I am 14 and I guarantee that I am 101% sane and I would never think of leaving Jehovahs Witness, however everyone must and can choose there own path as we have our own free will.

    However this does not mean that Armageddon will not come.

    Either way I wish you no ill fate and I hope you truly do come back, all of you.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    Jehovah exists & I absolutely hate the fucker.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    Jehovah is an evil “God” that loves to kill.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    You’re a sicko LOSER & a LIAR ! Most of us were forced into baptism when we were kids still living @ home. If you’re under 21 & living in your parent’s home & they tell you “to get baptized or you can’t live here anymore” it is most certainly COERCION !

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    Just why I joined the other team ! Master Lucifer & Father Satan will make Jehovah pay for what he’s done to our World & reality.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    I flushed Jehovah down the toilet in 95, haven’t regretted leaving your evil cult one bit either.

  • https://www.youtube.com/user/loveunderlaw Loveunderlaw

    The whole damned organization is a source of great evil in our reality, all you have been taught is a lie. To be a Jehovah Witness(yes spelled that way on purpose) is to throw your life down the toilet, as well as the lives of any in your family who are involved in this evil cult.

    The Watchtower must be shut down for good, no more predatory fifth column scums like the Witnesses should be tolerated by society.

  • gremlinjr on crapbay

    haha . Oh . There is NO “respect” here . This is not a PLACE for it ..

  • gremlinjr on crapbay

    hmm .. Sounds like a Lot of Cock and Bull . here .. hahah . Yeah .. well .. What ever .. eh?

  • beentherdonethat

    If you believe in Christ, then how can you circumvent what Jesus said in Mark 9:39, 40 that any man who uses His name will receive his heavenly reward? His disciples thought they were an elite group and were the only ones who had a right to expel demons. Jesus told them they were wrong. Christ looks for individuals whatever organizations they may be in.

  • John Lockwood

    I love the discussion boards here. It continues to amaze me, how little active JW”s read for understanding. Over and over again, there are comments expressing some kind of support for the Org, followed by condemnation of the most horrible sort, against anyone who would dare question the Org. Mind you, most of these commenters profess to believe in their version of god, but go full bore against anyone who speaks out against their Org. Not god. Most of the articles and comments by non-JW”s, point out the absolute fallacy of the information spewed by the Org. Most are not critical of the bible, but in fact, unlike the Org. use it profusely to back up their points. But the JW”s can’t or choose not to see that. They see it as an attack on their god. It’s not!! It is a pointed, factual, accurate picture of the Org. That is a true representation of “false religion.” Religion as a whole is ridiculous. You either believe in god or you do not. You don’t need a set of man-made rules, that change continually, and that you are expected to follow and indoctrinate others with, to live. And who in their right mind would worship a god or an organization, under the threat of death? Crazy people? Maybe.

  • Nathan Halverson
  • smmcroberts


    What facts were not “straight”? Do you know the number of Witnesses who have died due to refusing blood transfusions? If so, please tell us that number and the source of your information. If not, then you don’t know whether it has been thousands or not. We can only take an educated guess based on the number of people in the total population who will need a transfusion at some point in their lives. According to the Red Cross that is 97%, and a certain portion of those would die without a transfusion. Being that there are 7 million people who follow the WT’s blood policy, thousands would be a conservative estimate.

    Yes, bloodless surgery is great WHEN it’s available. How does that excuse the deaths that have resulted due to WT policy prior to the invention of bloodless surgery, or when it’s not available [e.g. in third-world countries] or when a person is hemorrhaging from causes other than surgery? It can’t, and it doesn’t.

    If you want to blame someone for “misinformation” then blame the Watchtower for stating that whole blood and platelet transfusions are against God’s law, and for painting a FALSE picture of this process as being medically dangerous when the statistics show that it is one of the safest of all medical procedures.

    I donate platelets. Platelets save lives, and there is no substitute for them. What do you do to save life? Oh, I forgot: that’s against your religion!

  • yathink

    Give me a break.. At least get your facts straight… Even the USA military has seen the value of bloodless surgery and stated that transfusion is the treatment of last resort.. thousands are not dying from not taking blood. Your lack of current information is an indication of this sites sole purpose… misinformation!

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny

    You don’t happen to know of any other ‘mentally diseased’ people that can clean my house, do you?

  • shannon

    Please take my seat too. You will have to sit with my judgmental mother and self righteous sister who think I am bad association. I am at my mothers house right now cleaning, washing floors, preparing her dinner for tonight and even packed her lunch for the convention. I guess I’m good enough to do that. I help my mom out of love and am told I’m mentally diseased???

  • smmcroberts

    Great idea, Phil! You can have my seat.

  • Phillip Ramirez

    Y’know what, kids…? If you think it’s three days of “boredom”, stay home then. Give your seats up to people who want to be there, not slackers who hate Jehovah and all he stands for.

  • Teddie Jean Briggs

    still a 3 day in canada

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny

    You’re hired!

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    I sure hope no one was self centred enough to tell you how “silly” you were all those years between 5 and 32 while you hadn’t yet decided to get baptised. What kind of “Christian loving kindness” is this post?! Apparently what you really believe is her relationship with Jehovah is private between her, Jehovah and your judgment of her feelings. A mean, judgemental post isn’t suddenly Christian because you end it with some blithe sentence

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    Sakura – it is a crying shame and don’t listen to anyone who tries to tell you otherwise. And there is life after if you decide you want to choose a different path for your life. I was raised a witness (so I know all those pressures you are talking about). I was baptized just before my 14th birthday and I left when I was in my early 20s. i’m now in my early 40s, some of my family are still witnesses so I still have contact with the religion but I have never gone back (and have never had a moments doubt about leaving). I know you feel stuck right now but I promise – you aren’t truly stuck. Starting your life over from scratch is tough but it isn’t impossible. Whatever you decide – you will be okay. Have a wonderful life and know that there are sooooo many good people on this planet – and less than 1% of the population are Witnesses. you will find many friends and you can absolutely have a wonderful life whichever way you choose!

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    I would love to hear your explanation on why the “narrow road” religion applied for membership to the very UN you are talking about….
    oh and …. you are telling people “your prayers will never be answered”!? That has got to be the most unchristian statement I’ve ever heard! I hope I don’t have to count on you to “save me”. You are supposed to lead by your example. Your email is an example of a very narrow minded person who doesn’t know the meaning of the word “empathy”. With friends like you the witnesses dont need any enemies. The all caps are something else, too – don’t recall Jesus Screaming his message at anyone.

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    Wow! When I was an aux pioneer it was 90 hours per month (I did it often, 3 – 6 months of the year so I remember well) and regular pioneers were 120. And I went to the Tuesday night combined meeting followed by the ministerial school – that was 1 hour and 45 minutes (usually ran to 2 hours), Thursday night book study was 1 hour, Sunday meetings were 2 hours and Saturday morning field service was strongly encouraged, with a 20 minute study to begin. I hadn’t realized just how much it has reduced!

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    Kristi… Did you know that the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society applied for membership to the UN in 1991 (and became members in 1992)? This is the absolute truth. Ask the elders or the Society and they will confirm it. I was truly shocked and very confused when I found out about it after hearing of the the “scarlet colored beast” my entire life. Here are a couple of links with confirmation – copy of confirmation letter from UN: http://www.jwfacts.com/images/united-nations-2001.jpg British newspaper, the Guardian, article: http://www.guardian.co.uk/uk/2001/oct/08/religion.world
    “Every decision has an outcome, sooner or later” – the outcome of this decision was a lot of media coverage talking about hypocrisy, and a lot of confused witnesses.

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    You say “criticise on things they don’t fully understand”. How are you so sure you fully understand? Have you done anything beyond listening to the messages from the podium to be sure you are “taught and steady in your thinking”? It seems to me the very scriptures you quote imply a personal responsibility to be sure you have more than “a form of godly devotion”. I have a single question for you – the bible tells us that you will know the false prophets when their prophesies do not prove to be true. Without going outside of Society publications, and without going back more than 20 years, you will find repeated declarations that the 1914 generation “would not pass away”. This generation was also Clearly defined. “Generation” meant that: before the last person of the generation that was alive in 1914 died, the end would arrive. I personally watched that definition change over the years – first, it was said that it referred to the last ones of the 1914 annointed class that would not pass away, then it changed to say that it could include anyone of the age of understanding in the year 1914; next, as time ran out, it became anyone who was born prior to 1914. Honestly – I was okay with all of those changes but when the definition of a fairly simple word like “generation” is being entirely rewritten – I can no longer see how this could be viewed as anything other than a false prophesy. Can you actually agree that you and your father could, in any possible way, be considered to be of the same “generation”? How can you hear this (and so very, very many other “new lights” – I can give you examples if you like) and not question that perhaps the “power that is being proven false” is the one you are following?

    I know it is unlikely that you will believe me when I say this but, for what it is worth, I ask this question with true sincerity and if you have an answer I promise I will listen with an open mind.

  • Truth Withstands Any Scrutiny

    LOL! I am enjoying all the comments and articles but this one really
    made me laugh out loud. J Brown and John Smith are one and the same
    person … point to Andrew and I think this is where he can say “I shall
    leave it at THAT”. love it!

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny

    Bloody hilarious!

    Your post is going up tonight. That’s another fascinating read!

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve

    Hi Ross,

    I have a couple of questions for you:

    1. What did you do to get ready for the convention? I thought of some possibilities:
    a) Practice sleeping with your eyes open.
    b) Buy mirrored-sunglasses and one of those no-snore nose strips.
    c) Pack one of those traveler’s’ neck-pillows to keep your head from flopping over.
    d) Rig a 2×4 to your belt with a strap around your chest to keep you propped upright in your chair (an alternative I recommend is to use Command Adhesive Velcro strips attached to the back of your chair and the back of your suit coat. The only disadvantage to this method is that you must be careful not to back into another Witness using the same trick, or you can get embarrassingly stuck together).
    e) Find the tiniest, most inconspicuous ear-buds available (preferably wireless), and cut a square section out of the pages of your NWT to hide your MP3 player.
    f) Put your brain on ice.

    2. What “theories” are you referring to? This article is about a “rumor,” and what it might mean “if” it were true. No theories were broached. Contrast this language with the Watchtower’s theory of 1925 being a “certainty” regarding the resurrection of the “ancient worthies,” all the while claiming to be “God’s prophet on Earth.” Can you spot the difference? Anyone who is not in a brainwashing cult can.

    I hope they DO come up with some “new information” similar to the 1925 information that the brothers and sisters gullibly drank in back in the twenties. Maybe it will be another bombshell like the 1975 announcement, and Witnesses can sell their homes and quit their jobs again! Or yet another new interpretation of “the generation;” they haven’t come up with a new one in a few months now, and the current one is the most far-fetched of them all so far, so we’re really ready for some “new light” on that.

    I’m excited too; I need a good laugh!

    But, seriously: I hope the “new information” will be that they’ve finally come to their senses on the blood issue, the two-witness rule, and shunning. Sadly, it’s more likely, given their track record, that the new information will just be something stupid like flip-flopping yet again on whether rape victims who neglect to scream should be disfellowshipped. {sigh}

    Here’s my true story of genuine pre-convention excitement. I remember, back in the day, a brother telling me that he hoped the new information would be the outlawing of coffee. When I asked him why, he said: “Because I drink too much coffee.”

    If only it didn’t matter WHAT they said, so we could take charge of our own lives, doing what is right and using our inherent sense of empathy, instead of waiting on them for “new light” to tell us what to do. Wait… that IS the case!!!

    We are all, after all, human beings with certain inalienable rights and personal responsibilities, no matter what labels we may have foolishly slapped onto our foreheads.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny

    Ross, your levels of buffoonery astound me. Read the article before commenting. Oh wait, you’re a brainwashed, brain dead cretin…

  • Ross

    Well im excited and ready for tommorows 2013 convention! With new information. Looks like your theorys hold up about as much water as a cooking strainer!

  • Sheila

    Wow I’m pretty sure you’re heart would be as cold as ice if I could see it in the abyss that it’s in. Do you not have any respect at all? I mean really come on…

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve


    I already DID show you: MT 28:19.

    Are you saying that the early Christians didn’t follow Jesus’ command, or are you saying that MT 28:19 was added later by the Catholic Church?

    The JWs accept MT 28:19 [the full verse IS quoted later in that article I referenced: I hadn't noticed that at first] but they still deny the trinity [how they do this is also demonstrated in that article.]

    I don’t need to look up Tertullian; I’m very familiar with the history and arguments of the trinitarian controversy. I think it will rage as long as there are fundamentalists, because the Bible both supports and denies it, in its ever-contradictory manner. (On this, please see chapter 5 of my book Falling in Truth: http://smmcroberts.net/religion/fundamentalism/watchtower/fit/chap05.html.)

    Jesus was a fairly common name back in the day. Was there really power in that name? When Hannah called her little boy Jesus home for supper did all the other kids bow down as he passed? If you claim that there is power in that name, please provide evidence for your statement. I’ll bet that if I stood on the corner and yelled the name “Jesus” I’d get a lot of strange looks, but very few bended knees.

    In order to meet the challenges of the real world with rationality, humankind desperately needs to pull itself out of the quagmire of superstitious beliefs in — and futile hostile debates over — magical words, formulas, and rituals. Jesus and/or Jehovah won’t save us: we need to roll up our sleeves and save ourselves. That will require clear thinking and compassion, not divisive never-ending arguments about how many angels can dance on the head of a pin, or what magical formula is the correct one to use in the magical ritual of baptism.

  • Darren

    yu JWs too much head knowledge and No heart, too much surface knowledge thats all it is, you guys are missing that joy of the lord your lives, and what the heck is this flippin active force thing you fallas replaced with holy spirit your leaders onthe day of judgement are gonna get your butts kick matety you can bank on that.

  • Darren

    You show me anyway inthe bible where the early church christians baptized in the formulas father son and Holy Spirit…..non what so ever.
    The Trinity was formalated by some glown who ditch that sect and started another sect, and the catholic church moved with an iron fist to choose the latter if you didnt accept there mode of salvation at the time after 325 nicean council, off to the gallows with you mate. they totally hated the christians of the time and the huge following they had, people getting saved and all that, so they stuck with the triune formula that you have today in 2013, to take away the true revelation of Baptism in Jesus Name, theres power in that name of JESUS as quoted every eye shall see, every knee shall bow at the name of Jesus……oh and the guy who founded the trinity is tertullian considered to the father of the trinity..look it up, father son and holy spirit is not true foundation

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve

    Hi Darren,

    I hadn’t realized this before, but, as with most things, the Bible contradicts itself on just what magic formula is supposed to be used during the ritual. You pointed out one formula in Acts, but the other predates the Nicean council: it is found at Matthew 28:19, where Jesus reputedly commanded: “Go therefore and make disciples of people of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the holy spirit.” (NWT) Revealingly, the Watchtower doesn’t quote the last part of that verse on their site regarding baptism, placing a period after “baptizing them,” which I think is a case of misquoting their own translation: http://www.jw.org/en/publications/books/bible-teach/baptism-and-your-relationship-with-god/

    But I don’t think the JWs use either formula. I think that they just ask the questions shown in Teeny’s post on baptism: http://www.jehovahswitnessblog.com/baptism/why-were-you-baptised/. I’m not sure if the baptizing brother says anything at all when he dunks his victim under the water. (Being under water at the time, I wouldn’t have heard what he said anyway.) Does anyone else know?

  • Darren

    What do JWS know about water baptism??…. true baptisem is in the Name of Jesus Christ for the remisson of sin found inthe book of Acts 2:38 just like the apostles did, not like nicean council they changed the oringinal to the father, son and Holy spirit the trinity

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve

    Hi Michelle,

    I wouldn’t go so far as saying that anyone is “persecuting” Teeny here for his post (even though he’s been called a liar and “dumb” and threatened with murder by someone’s god.)

    For the most part it’s just a good healthy discussion. And we all know that the Watchtower encourages us to examine our religion, right? So, let’s continue the examination without either “side” being silly enough to holler “Persecution!”

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve


    You are committing the fallacy of applying your life experiences to another. Just because you weren’t pressured that doesn’t mean that others have not been pressured.

    When young people cave in to pressure from parents and other authority figures it does not mean that they are “weak,” but rather that they are human.

    Sakura’s relating the pressure is not “tearing down your brothers and sisters,” it is just stating a fact — a well known fact which many others have also shared on this site: http://www.jehovahswitnessblog.com/baptism/why-were-you-baptised/

    Then you have the audacity to blame Sakura’s attitude!
    Please stop blaming the victims of your authoritarian, unforgiving, and unrelenting religion which tries to disguise itself as “warm Christian love.”

    The truth IS for everyone: the Watchtower has no monopoly on it. In fact, the GB wouldn’t know the truth if it hit them in the face (as it often has, without so much as a glimmer of recognition in their eyes.)

  • Tammy

    @Sukura I think you were very silly to get baptised because of pressure from your parents or elders at the hall and now you want to blame those people because to weak to stand up and tell them that it was not what you wanted my dear sister I have been in and out of the truth since I was 5 I finally got baptised 2 years ago at the age of 34. No one pressured me in all those years to get baptised nor would I have allowed them to. Your relationship with Jehovah is private and between you both. I do hope that you find away to love Jehovah and the ministry I know it is hard and you may feel that it is to much but before tearing your brothers and sisters down with apostates please talk to your parents and the elders tell them how you feel, let them know you felt pressured to get baptised. You should never have been pressured to get baptised as this is such a huge step and it needs to be right for you and the truth is not for every one. Please talk to them before it gets worse and you end up disfellowshipped. Often the reason we don’t enjoy Jehovahs service is because of our own attitude, try to look for the things that you do enjoy about Jehovahs service and focus on that. I hope things work out for you. Warm Christian love to you.

  • michelle

    All I have to say is Jesus was persecuted in his last days too.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Steve

    Hi DontBeAHater,

    No one I know of is “blogging about hatred.” People can criticize the Watchtower while loving (and trying to save) those held in that organization’s clutches. In fact, that’s the usual motivation.

    If you really think that criticizing a religion is a sign of hatred, then how do you explain the tons of ink the Watchtower has expended in criticizing all other religions (especially since your organization has claimed to have “abolished hatred”?)

    In answer to your question about using the name Jehovah as a title: there’s a Lutheran church in the city where I live called “Jehovah Lutheran Church.” http://www.jehovahlutheran.org/index.htm It seems that your god let them get away with this. Someone once started a group entitled “Jehovah’s Atheists” — they got away with this as well, without a single thunderbolt hurled from the heavens.

    The Catholics don’t bandy about the “divine name” in the ubiquitous manner of the Witnesses out of respect for what they consider sacred. Others don’t use it because they know it’s a meaningless mistranslation. To be consistent, the Witnesses shouldn’t use it either due to its Catholic origin (having been invented by a Catholic monk in the middle ages). As we all know, the Watchtower identifies “Christendom” with Babylon the Great Empire of False Religion. So why would they use the Catholic-invented name for god?

    Besides, you’re not even witnesses to what that scripture says you’re supposed to be witnesses of: that no god was formed after YHWH (Is. 43:10). As you know, WT theology holds that Jesus–as “the Word”–was “a god” formed after YHWH.

    So using “Jehovah” in your title is hardly something to be proud of. In fact, to use your word, I’d call it just plain “dumb.”

  • dontbeahater

    This site’s really dumb, if you hate Jehovah’s Witnesses, good for you, go play golf or something instead of blogging about your hatred.

    PS: OUT OF 41,000 denominations of ‘Christianity’ how many of them have the right to use gods name in their title? If the Catholic Church decided to try and change it’s name to the Catholic Church of Jehovah, do you really think Jehovah would let them? Bahahahahhahaa. .. . . . .

    There’s a reason why there’s only one organisation in the world using his name in their title people. It’s the only organisation that he will let use his name in their title.

  • Maria

    Oh my gosh Andrew! I have never heard it put this way. “I had no choice in being ‘created’ so it is unfair to be forced into choosing servility or death…” WOW. That is such an awesome statement. I agree wholeheartedly. :)

  • Ste Ríkhardsson

    J-Dubs have got it really easy these days. When I was a child Conventions lasted 5 days. Now they’re 3 days and they don’t even have to go to the Book Group on Thursday evenings anymore.

  • True Christian

    The cornerstone of the Jw faith is laid on quick sand!

  • John

    False hope

  • chris

    3 day conventions heck I would be happy to do that when I was a kid they were 5 days long. It was the worst boredom you’ve ever experienced.