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Jehovah’s Witnesses don’t Mourn the Aurora Victims

Submitted by Jaymes on July 23, 2012 - 10:57 am 63 Comments

A distraught family, possibly belonging to one of the Aurora victimsHi guys. As a lot of you know, I left “The Truth” in 2009. I am not disfellowshipped yet, but have no association with the Witnesses. I do though, have various conversations with my mother-in-law, who – even though she has no idea why 607 B.C.E. bears any relevance to her religion – still goes.

Yesterday, she contacted the wife and I and wanted to share the terrible news relating to the Aurora victims. As I am sure you know, 12 people died when a lone gunman thought it prudent to start shooting at everyone during a midnight screening of The Dark Knight Rises.

Before I get into the conversation with my mother-in-law, I wanted to let you know that every now and then, the Watchtower Society creeps up and manages to surprise me. I am sure this still happens to you to. Even though I’ve been out of their clutches for three years, I am still startled by the things this cult teaches within its churches (or if you want to use the JW Loaded Language Dictionary – Kingdom Halls).

Prior to my mother-in-law calling, we were watching the news and saw various religious leaders from around the world and from different religions giving their condolences. “Our prayers are with the families of the victims and our hearts go out to them,” said Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams. Archbishop Samuel Aquila and Auxiliary Bishop James Conley of the Catholic Church said “As Catholic bishops, we ‘weep with those who weep.”

What message did the Watchtower Society have? My mother-in-law told us the following:

“At the meeting in the public talk today, the Elder told us about the killings in America. I knew about it because I saw it on the news already. I was very shocked by what he said though. He said:

“Brothers and Sisters, how many times has Jehovah’s Organisation told us to look after our young children? Those that died in the Aurora shootings were out at midnight to watch a film about a vigilante. To my knowledge, no Jehovah’s Witnesses were harmed because no Jehovah’s Witnesses were present. The world puts things out on a plate for us and our children and we are free to take what we want. But Brothers, there are consequences. If the parents of these victims had educated their children theocratically, the shooter would have been staring into an empty auditorium.

“Let us continue educating our children in Jehovah’s theocracy. After all, Jehovah wrote this guidebook for us. He knows what’s best for us and our little ones. So Brothers, keep on the watch, for Satan the Devil uses many cunning devices. Let us make sure we and our children are never engaging in worldly activities. How would you feel if you were one of the victims parents?”

Pardon me if I am wrong, but that was quite a stone cold retort from a religion that says its foundations are built on love.

My mother-in-law went on a bit, but I had heard enough to be truly surprised. So many religious leaders from around the world are leaving their condolences, yet the Jehovah’s Witness hierarchy is using what happened as an example of how to better control its members.

The thing that shocked me the most was that this was a public talk. An outline was given by the Society and the Elder prepared the talk based on the points Head Quarters gave him. Yet he managed to add a whole new section ‘to give a witness.’

Do you now see why people like me refer to the Jehovah’s Witnesses as a cult?

Next time you’re in Aurora, Colorado, walk into a bar, restaurant, or hell, knock on someone’s door and tell them that if the victims were Jehovah’s Witnesses, there would be no victims. If you’re not a victim by the time you finish your sentence, I’ll be pleasantly shocked.

Our hearts go out to the families of the Aurora victims that tragically lost their lives on Friday morning. We hope the injured victims pull through and make a full recovery.

  • DSA

    I wonder how they are currently discussing the dreadful and tragic attacks in Paris last week. I get cross at the thought that they put me, my family and other law-abiding and compassionate non-JWs into the same bracket as these monsters. How arrogant.

  • Andres Torres

    At the funeral of my great-grandmother a witness, a distant part of the family I’d never met, did just this. He was distributing brochures about death and the resurrection during the eulogy! Of course the priest/pastor or whatever he was took him to task for it.

  • Becky

    Ummm, wow! The only people I know who went to the midnight showing of batman that night were my niece and nephew, and they are JWs. I believe my nephew is pioneering, but had no qualms about seeing batman. Fortunately, they moved away from Aurora a few years ago, and were in a theater in a nearby town, so they were not at risk. If they still had been in Aurora though, and had been at that theater, ugh, I don’t even want to think about it.
    What a moron to make such statements! Instead of acting like the victims were in the wrong, why not give a talk in which JWs are encouraged to emulate the examples of those who put themselves in harm’s way to protect others that night. There were true heroes there that night, and nobody has the right to act superior to such fine human beings.

  • liz

    @Bonnie…It brought back memories for me also. If it was a story on the news, or if one of us kids would say we felt bad for a child dying, my mother would say, ” Little snakes grow into big snakes, they were already dead in God’s eyes anyways. ” I knew from the time I was a small child, I wanted out of this heartless religion and heartless people. I lived my life for the day I gathered up everything inside of me and left.

  • Bruce Stevens

    Reading all these comments about JW action busted me up so many times…It gave me more laughs than the old Woody Allen movie “Love & Death”. I got out of the “Lie” (truth?) back in 1968, when I turned 18. The last straws were being told in a “special” mandatory meeting with the elders, that what everything boiled down to was that I was setting a bad example for some other younger Witlesses because I was worldly (had long hair, wore sandals)…and so if I continued in my appearance, I would be destroyed at Armageddon (which at the time was very close, probably 1975). That did it. I asked them to see my “publishers record card”. I took it. Put it in my pocket & walked away from that cult. I “disassociated” myself before they could “disembowel” (disfellowshit) me. But I had already been brainwashed from birth, and the aftereffects took a heavy toll on me for most of the rest of my life. Please warn anybody that gets sucked in to this damaging cult, not to go there.

  • Nico

    Yes Harold many of us need some counseling after leaving! Luckily for me I visited lots of other churches & I highly advise it Mark. Many provide counseling & allow you to have your own opinions for free. :)

  • Nico

    Reading that made me throw up a little in my mouth.

    It reminds me when I brought a friend from HS to a small Monday night meeting, we were in our early 20s, & the Elder late 40’s started making jokes about how great it would be to give out the latest WT @ funerals if the cemeteries hadn’t posted those pesky “No Soliciting” signs . Really ambushing people at funerals while they weak with grief is what he & the Mist Assist were talking, not jokingly, about. I was surprised & embarrassed. She was rightly disgusted. I had to get my WT CD out to prove to the other Elders this was unacceptable on their own terms & had been covered years before. They told me the would not be talking with him, nor would he be recovering the topic but I could write a talk on it myself & give it up front. I wrote one but never gave it. I felt the Elders there were misleading people but I’ve some to realize it’s the WT faith itself that’s misleading. I heard that within months of my 2nd hiatus from meetings “Bethel” came out & that Hall closed. Everyone was redistricted. Really was vindicating because I had been praying for that the whole time!

  • Brandon

    I’m right there with you Teeny! I left just a few years ago (i’m 29 now)!

    Back in 2006, I had sex with someone… she told. I got in trouble — things were gong fine and I was brainwashed to believe I should work harder.

    Instead, after going out in “field service” for 20+ hours per month, building myself up… after 10 months, I still was an outcast. Was given no privileges back. One of the “elders” even went home and told his wife and son what I did and who I did it to — apparently the woman was a family friend so they were upset about it.

    News spread that I slept with this woman, and before you know it, people were whispering and made my life hell!

    I went through SERIOUS depression, drinking heavily, contemplating suicide and needing to go to therapy… Then one day, I moved across country and asked myself “Why would a loving God allow this? I thought I was raised to believe that Gods spirit governs this organization… so why is he allowing this?”


    I left permanently, and I am so friggin happy!!!!! i smile daily. I don’t need prozac. I don’t drink… I’m truly happy!

    My parents keep calling me to come back… I tell them Im grown and make my own decisions… then ask them “don’t you care that your son is happy?”

    Their response “Not without the organization…”

    Yes, it’s a CULT.

  • noh8inmyheart

    “Hockey games as that is a wordly event, and J.W.s are to be no part of the world.”

    That’s far more preferable than spending the evening singing Kingdom Songs to a guitar accompaniment and I was forced to do many times when I was in the cult.

  • http://eyesonthewtahctower Mark Palo

    Harold, thanks for the concern but I have been seeing a mental health professional for some 20 years. Realize that not only did I get the Royal Mind Screwing from the JWs but I was sexually molested at Bethel by a long dead gov bod member. But you are right, I do vent by writing, demonstrating and producing a local cable access show called “Eyes on the Watchtower.” You can catch some of the show on youtube under the title. The only advice I give about the mental health issue is that if a person and their shrink can find a good center line with the necessary medications then don’t mess with it. As long as your health, both mental and physical is what they call in homeostasis one will be fine.

  • http://Google Harold

    Mark: Sounds like you got some issues. It’s good to publicly ‘vent’; but maybe you should pursue professional counselling as it appears your another indirect victim of the J.W. cult.

  • http://eyesonthewtahctower Mark Palo

    In regards to the comment of how JW’s flock to the movies I have a new twist on this. One of my totally brainwashed sons loves his movies. To get around the R rating he buys the movie and then sends it to a video editing company and has any language or sex scenes cut. That way he can keep his position in the congregation and not anger his bOrgette slave mother. This woman used to object to the skits on Laugh In. But then you have to realize she is holier than thee and good and proper (Un)-christian woman. Only problem is her taking the Theocratic Lying too far.

  • Sarah

    Well, Kim how nice of you to show how brainwashed the jw really are. When trying to defend the watchtower and the elders most of you don’t realize you be putting your foot in your mouthes. Blaming this situation on the movie and on how those ppl are not jw and that is why Jehovah didn’t protect them is just sick. Idk where you live but here in the US many jw went to see the screening at midnight a lot of your bros and sis go all out to support and spend their time and money to go watch those type of movies everytime they come out. And by all out i mean they buy the gears, tickets in advance etc. Do you also think that the movie will influence them in a way? It is so funny how you guys always claim to not be part of the world and all other rubbish but yet you guys party or shall i say have get togethers, go to the movies, drink, play video games etc You guys are as much part of the world as everybody else, if you guys weren’t i’m sure all of your time would be spent at the kh with no music, tv, cell phones or anything that can entertain you, you will have your head stuck in wt mag and your bible 24/7, 365/6 days a yr. Practice what you preach hunny