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Is the Devil Using JWB?

By ChinoXL

Do you have any idea what the devil is using you and your cohorts to do?

If JWB was a cult, how were you initiated into it? Or will you claim that you were brainwashed? Then how? If you are able to propagate these lies against the Sovereign of the universe, why did it take you many years to wake up? Remember Rev 22:12. Why dont you allow God to be the judge than you ruining people’s lives with your ‘unfounded TRUTH’.

JWB Team’s Response


Thanks for the email. If you are honestly asking your questions and not just reacting to criticism of your beliefs, my answers are below:

I was born into it.

Yes, brainwashing is involved.

Repetition is one way, making users feel unique and special( No part of the world…) using unique lingo (kingdom hall…), etc. It’s easy to prove brain washing by taking the blood example – only someone brain washed would even consider letting their children die rather than give blood, yet alone actually do it and even justify it. It isn’t normal to accept such abhorrence.

Take also shunning of ex members – a disgusting act to treat them like sons of Satan simply for having a difference of opinion.

Another example – not being allowed to use external sources for research unless approved by the Watchtower – they are labelled apostate and to be avoided, even when the criticism is fair.

Why did it take so many years to wake up? Because it is a cult… see my previous answers.

You say we lie. I say this to every JW. Show me a lie on JWB and I’ll retract it with a public apology.

Can’t get fairer than that.