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Other Jehovah’s Witness Websites

The internet is an interesting place and it’s you and me that make it interesting by adding our own piece of it in our comments, articles and videos.

When I finally decided to research the truth about “The Truth”, I came across the below Jehovah’s Witness websites. I must have read hundreds of articles in a short space of time, and to be honest with you, I really couldn’t get enough of them. It only seems fair to share this list of Jehovah’s Witness websites with you. I’ve also added a few that I have found an interest in.

If you want to add your website to the list, please fill out the contact form and let me know why you want to appear in the list, plus your logo.

Why Jehovah’s Witness Websites are Important

As a former Jehovah’s Witness, I wasted 28 years of my life. If you have a website that speaks the real truth about this terrible Jehovah’s Witness cult, let’s work together to ensure that no one else has to suffer the terrible atrocities that are associated with a Jehovah’s Witness life. The JWB Team are willing to work with you to write articles, content for videos or whatever you think can help open the eyes of current Jehovah’s Witnesses. The internet is a powerful weapon and the Watchtower Society is terrified of us. Let’s maximise their fear by spreading the word about how dangerous the Jehovah’s Witnesses are.

We’re going to be adding all our favourite Jehovah’s Witness sites to the new version of JWB, which should be around sometime before Armageddon.