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Candace Conti Beats the Watchtower Society!

Submitted by Jaymes on August 27, 2012 - 9:22 pm 109 Comments

White Knights - Candace and Kathleen ContiYes, that’s right, Candace Conti, our White Knight, has won her court case against the Watchtower Society!

I’ve just spoken with Candace’s mum, Kathleen and here’s what she told me:

The Judge asked Candace if she was happy with $11.2 million punitive damages. Candace was happy with the amount! If she wasn’t, the Judge would motion for a new trial, but again, that would only be if she wasn’t happy with the amount awarded. But there will be no retrial as Candace is happy!

If the Watchtower Society does not pony up the $11.2M now and decides to file an appeal next month by the 19th September, they [that’s the buffoons in Watchtower HQ] will have to start paying 10% interest on $11.2 each year which would be over $1M every year on top of the very expensive process of paying for the appeal itself. Either way, they’re screwed!

Now go share this info with the planet!!!

And that my friends is how the Watchtower unleavened cookie crumbles. Expect Jehovah to start asking you all (current Kingdom Hall going Witnesses) for money.

Guys, I can’t stop smiling, neither can Andrew. We’re over the moon.

We’re also in talks with Rick Simons, Candace’s lawyer about publishing a joint press release. There are other current and ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses who have suffered sexual abuse due to the Two Witness Ruling. Due to her boldness and courage, Candace has proven to be our White Knight and the shining light of hope for those that are either too scared to talk or simply because until now, thought it impossible to break through the Watchtower Society’s legal team.

If you know someone that has experienced sexual abuse, now is the time to speak up. Please email the JWB Team and we’ll do our best to put you in touch with the right people.

Our friend and fellow JWBite, Barbara, has all the Conti files listed on her website. You can view them by going to http://www.watchtowerdocuments.com/cases/conti.html


  • DSA

    Another case – this time in my local newspaper. Shocking.


  • Chris Legnetti

    The Watchtower Society lost a child molestation lawsuit due to their own irresponsibility. The elders knew of this mans past & they should’ve PROTECTED the congregation by informing the members of this mans evil deeds. Congratulations to Candace for gaining the VICTORY against the WATCHTOWER SOCIETY. It’s very difficult for me to comprehend why would the WATCHTOWER appeal the verdict. To the GOVERNING BODY: PAY CANDACE CONTI THE MONEY YOU’VE DONE ENOUGH DAMAGE TO HER

  • Alex James

    Elders put her in the preaching work with a man that they knew had fondled his own stepdaughter but they don’t tell other parents about the risk to preserve his “confidentiality.” Don’t blame the parents for doing what they’re told and for trusting the “spiritual shepherds” of the congregation, and for being obedient as is demanded of them every day. The elders knew the man was a risk, they put Candace alone with him, they should answer for it.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Teeny

    They obviously weren’t on your planet you soulless mule.

  • Joseph O Polanco

    Where were her parents? How could they possibly let this happen?

  • http://%URL% Jackie

    Though I’m lost at the way this works , cheers for sharing it nevertheless.

  • anon

    I am not a jw but i know that every thing you was teached by them is a lie.And about their end of the world thing is also a lie they say the world will end in 1914 and then in 1925 then in 1941 then in 1975 and 2000 mayby more times and nothing happen they are just liers tell to the other people who are not in the watchtower if they will met them on the street or in knock the door to ignor them and say you are not interested and say to keep theyr religion and belif,but do not say who send the information.I want the whole world know they teach only lies and heresy.
    Sorry to say that but it is the truth Jesus is a God of love and if you love your family,friends and God the true haven who is the one who can not be seen in the sky there you will go when God will take you.I don’t want to say something bad about you but this is what I know.
    Please do not say who send this information and don’t say the mail adress.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    Keep questioning! Be a sceptic.

  • Nona

    I heard about the Conti case 5-6 weeks ago and it led me to a lot of research, for the first time ever, of “unapproved sites”. So, as of now I’m considered active yet doubtful of many things. I have noticed that in the last 6 weeks of attending meetings, we’ve had announcements about donations mentioned 4 times. (From Florida)