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Latest on the Candace Conti vs. The Watchtower Society Case

Submitted by Jaymes on August 24, 2012 - 7:29 pm 22 Comments

Go Candace Conti!Howdy guys and gals!

I’ve been recently speaking with Candace’s mum, Kathleen, and with their close family friend, Sami. We’re all sitting tight right now and waiting on the Judge to make his final decision on the court case against the Watchtower Society.

For those of you that have been living on Mars; watching the rover Curiosity skittle past you at a cool 2.6 mph, here’s what you’ve missed:

In June, a jury awarded our brave Candace Conti the highest amount of damages ever in a court case where a religious organisation was involved due to child molestation.

Candace Conti hasn’t tried to shy away from any of this either. She’s been bold, brave and magnificent and is a beaming example of courage.

Read our articles on the Candace Conti vs. The Watchtower Society court case and also why the Watchtower Society lost this case. They’re interesting articles. I should know as I wrote them…

Here’s the latest from, Sami, Candace’s friend:

Times are very tense for them [the Conti family] right now with anticipation of the judges decision. The court made a decision in the court case and awarded the damages. But the WBTS (Watchtower Society) filed motions in two areas. One for a new trial and another to have the amount of damages reduced.

The decision was suppose to come on the 18th August (unless I am mistaken on the exact day). But the Judge wanted some questions answered by counsel for the Watchtower Society and Simons [Candace’s lawyer, Rick Simons].

I think personally, the Judge was wanting to mainly see how the Watchtower Society would answer them. He said he would have a decision by the 25th August. So needless to say, everyone is nervously waiting for the day he decides.

The motion for a new trial doesn’t seem to be something he even looked at. I am certain that is not an issue for the Conti’s. The amount of damages could be less or he could even make them higher. We can only wait and see.

I would ask all of you to pray for the Judge to make the right decision, but I’m atheist. That doesn’t stop me and you all from having hope!

Our thoughts are with Candace and the family right now.

Go Candace!

  • Joe

    Hi Candice, Congrats and I feel for you, I’m sorry!
    Just a short note, I have witnessed much apathy from Elders and WTBTS on my STD Divorce Case.
    I have documents that claim they don’t believe in STDs either. They still challenge me on the “EYEWITNESS” part, just like you.
    I have 200+ pages of documents to prove my case and help yours.
    I can’t afford an attorney. But would like to help you win your APPEAL. Please let me know.
    ps, pleaase respond with caps on subject line.

  • Vanessa

    I don’t know, but would like to. As to the Society’s definition that the FDS is the renmnat of the 144.000 left on earth at any given time’ as a class, I have long felt this makes no sense. The FDS is shown in the scripture to be feeding the domestics. The domestics are viewed by the Watchtower as being the individual members of the 144,000 left on earth, aka the FDS. In effect the FDS and the domestics are the same thing. It is sometimes explained by JWs that the FDS is like the forest, but the domestics are like the individual trees.The FDS then is actually feeding itself. When compared to a teaching that the Watchtower vigorously rejects, the Trinity, there seems to be a double standard at work on the part of the Watchtower. John 1:1 says In the beginning was the Word, and the Word was with God, and the Word was God. JWs will very quickly explain that if the Word was with God, the Word can’t be God. The language clearly shows two different individuals. By the same logic, if the FDS is feeding the domestics, how can they be the same group of people? The language clearly shows two different entities.To me, this is a glaring example of a double standard in Watchtower logic.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    Hi Les,

    Yes, registered sex offenders can be active members of the Jehovah’s Witness religion. The JW policy also says (which I can’t find on the new revamped jw.org – surprise surprise!) that members who have sinned a long time ago, like 10 or more years, can even serve as elders. If someone has the link to the child abuse policy, I’d appreciate it.

  • http://- Les

    What about other criminal activities (not sexual offences) that the WTBTS may hide, because it is policy to “protect” wrongdoers? The WTBTS has some serious explaining to do to it’s adherents and I think a heck of a lot of them are going to abandon the “faith”.
    Could a registered sex offender still be regarded as an active JW? If so, that would be, in my opinion, a contradiction in terms.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    I don’t know what Candace believes, nor do I claim to.

  • themike

    and how do YOU know what “candice” believes? when a man become famous or rich, he seems to have a lot of cousins all the sudden

  • themike

    “if he exists” comment removes you from the ability to have a view at all. because there are two sides, and thats one that says the church has ONLY an interest in the SPIRITUAL FAITH of a man regardless of the land they live in, and the other side is Secular. Should a church have to run to the police when any member is told of an illegal activity, such as in confessionals. IF YOU DONT BELIEVE IN GOD ANYHOW, then you cant ever see ANY view but One. Only a man that 1.believes in god 2.believes in secular law can really have any viewpoint at all. you cant bee STRONG in one view and weak in the other either. As far as I see it, the issue with this one chick is small potatoes. Its ridiculous to think any church should look into all the comments made by its members and see if the police should be called. CHURCH is about REDEMPTION of the SPIRITUAL, not getting once’s just punishment by whatever country your in. Thats not their job. On the other hand a “policy to cover child molestation” seems really unlikely.That sounds more like Fox news spin Because there certainly is no “policy to cover over child molestation 101”. So what there must be is a behavior that Some spin media controlled person sees as “policy to cover over child molestation”. Such as, not being in the business of running to the police on confessional issues.the catholics also dont have a “policy of covering molesters”. But they have however saw a problem and LEFT THAT PERSON IN POWER over minors and placed them somewhere else, once it was clear the person did it and not hearsay. Is that what happened here? Based on the behavior of you people on this site? likely not. You people remind me of the KKK sites making up every reason in the book why obama is bad, but NOT cuz he’s black! LOL

  • themtb2007

    And what will “the truth” spell for the churches around the world that are not “the watchtower”? seems to me, they have been waltzing around “the lie” for quite some time. Maybe god could care less about them. And God is more worried about this message board! LOL Hes not worried about the middle east murders. he is worried about the jehovahswitnessesblog website! You guys must be really powerful. A connection to god almighty!! WOW that must be a pretting good internet connection! LOL

  • themtb2007

    Courts have also conclusively proven that Blacks shouldnt vote. Then they conclusively proved than they can. Then they conclusively proved that obamacare is unconstitutional, then they say it is not. They said that OJ is innocent, then they say he is guilty. Lastly CHURCH is about GOD. And NOT A ONE of you is bringing that notion into the issue. What does GOD expect in a worldwide church? Can the church do more than speak unto the spiritual Wrongness of an act? HOW is one illegal act worse than another? because it involves what YOUR country determines to be a child was involved? I am talking totally wide when it comes to the issue of sex. YOU people are calling people monsters, based on YOUR PERSONAL governmental laws of “child”. Do you even realize that the “courts” change THAT definition as well as they please? do you realize that consent age is 16 in most states? Yet if a person is seen dating a 16 yr old it clearly would be seen as innapropriate? Unless you were in some other country…where such an act is commonplace…THEN all the sudden youre normal! LOL GOD is bigger than the country youre boxing him into… YOURS. CHURCH is bigger than the country youre boxing it into..YOURS. GOD and CHURCH are not concerned with the varied crazy punishments each area chooses to hold week to week. The usa in fact Changes its mind every 4 years as to what is good and what is bad! What is illegal, and what is not…Changes. Let me show you how the laws of varied lands are crazy, and you yourselves are puppets to mass thinking… 16yr old is consent..BUT that couple cant take pics of themselves till 18 or its child porn.The 18 year old can get a job at a stripper club, but she has to be 21 to enter into the club !! Now wait, if youre the band, you can enter at ANY age! LOL the jacksons played at some places they were too young to enter!! Now how does a church deal with all that? this is not about pay unto Caesar …because that is talking about taxes…even though people use it for everything else. Church cannot allow itself to be pawns to the wishy washy land laws on various things AND THAT INCLUDES SEX. the bible FIRST regarding sex. AND WHAT DOES IT say to do? unrepentant people need to go. THATS IT. so a church’s hands are clean. Again, just like in adultery, if the law says its a crime punishable by death, in some country,WHY would a church care? thats on the land itself to worry about that. You know whats funny> psychologists openly have laws that state they dont have to say ANYTHING in many cases!! And that is seen as noble! LOL Wait, I forgot..you guys dont read too long. I wonder can I break this down into a twitter length comment! LOL

  • themtb2007

    This is rediculous. Churches dont have to have an “understanding” of child abuse and its effect on people at all, any more than they have to understand the effect of drug use. Churches are about a book, and its god. The bible. So what does the BIBLE say about sex outside the marriage? because thats all that matters to a man in the church. And sexual deviancy is all that matters to God. Life or death.
    So again, how can some act that someone did against you in a church equate NON belief in God? or a total disregard for the entire teachings of the church? So wait…lets say you are a muslim, and you believe that Mohammed is a prophet. Then someone steaps from your home. Its a muslim. So Mohammed is no longer a prophet?!?!

    Maybe god is as far as the people you put your faith in. Perhaps ms canti was worried about people and not about God. Unlike the churches, Jws have a thing about males being in cars alone with females, And OTHERS see and notice and SAY stuff about it. Like any other group of humans, people will gossip. So even if a church were to Not take action in your eyes, How is it that others wouldnt? because ALL of them are somehow evil and pro pedophilia? such logic is like saying ALL blacks are criminal and accept criminal behavior because it happens in the open in their neighborhoods!

    If the church were rresponsible for the actions of others, NO ONE would go to confessionals in the catholics! Do you realize how many illegal acts that people have left to come to church? The church is a place for repentant Sinners, not those who have the impression that they are without sin.

    And what is legal in one land is illegal in another. So in Muslim countries, should the JWs report incidents of adultery to the police so the woman can get stoned to death?! LOL

    You people are looking very narrow and very american at in issue, when the church is bigger than the country their headquaters is in.

  • Loren.

    Thanks Kathleen. I have read through the court transcripts and I have read much on the stuff on line. This morning I saw the topix page and I saw that some of the posters on there are heartless stones of people, their words shocked me, they have no understanding of child abuse and its consequences. I was so angry, but I guess we should pity them as they are unwell, a sickness of the soul.
    Well done Kathleen, you and your daughter are an inspiration x

  • Jason

    Geez, what have you been smoking. You can’t even put together a coherrant sentence. Maybe you should stop before you embarrass yourself even further as you wouldn’t seem to understand logic if it slapped you in the face.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    themike, Stop being a fool. You have no idea what Candace believes and your logic is.. well it isn’t logic. I think what is more odd is that even after the Jehovah’s Witnesses have been conclusively proven to protect and aid child molesters, that you would come to their defence.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    themike, the pray comment is a joke. Simple.

    You are missing the main point. What ties this all together is that the Watchtower society are themselves partly responsible for what happened to Candace by their policies which allow molesters to go unpunished and to re-offend. That’s what this whole case is about. That it wasn’t just one individual doing something evil but that the Watchtower were also culpable. It is a victory because now maybe some children will be better protected.

    Now if God is not responsible for the actions of Jehovah’s Witnesses as a whole, (if he exists) and this reproach has been brought on his name, then this would mean that Jehovah’s Witnesses are not the true religion.

  • themike

    So this person now feels that whever she learned with jw’s is now false because she was molested by a member? How can that be? so the jws dont celebrate christmas. So because she was raped, christmas is all good? jws dont attend wars and join armies. So because she was molested, she feels god dont mind joining the army? or drugs and drinking. because she was molested shes all good with that now? Or how about the notion of hanging with people that are talking against God? so because you get molested by a man in the church, you now believe in evolution? LOL So wait, when an atheist molests someone, does that make them Jws? this is like bin ladin doing the bombing in 9-11 and every ran out to bomb any brown people in the middle east! LOL

  • themike

    How can you say “I’m an atheist, but pray for candice!?” this shows how people will follow like sheep. You talk abotu jws following like sheep, and an atheist comes on here and does the ole’ “pray for me” line heard all over the tv media and social networks. political figures as well. And there is also a “rely on jehovah” mocking tone. So if someone is abused by a man of the cloth, does that mean that the person now belongs to the atheists? Why cant a person see that they were assulted by a person in a church and not say to themselves that God is not with ANYONE in that church worldwide? The logic is not sound. i dont care what organization youre with. If you were molested in school, and several teachers covered it up, is SCHOOL bad? or is THAT school bad? if its the policy of the school to cover it up, does that now imply that education is bad?

    It seems to me, along with posts like you guys is a buddy buddy mentality with atheism and people like that. i dont get where that ties together with some chick that got molested by some guy at a church? So because people do bad things while in places where they are not, then the WHOLE IDEA is bad? well if thats the case, blacks have every right to shoot every cop they see due to the brutality and cover up of police officers and officials. In fact, white people should all die in the usa due to the cover up of many many things from the 60s. ALL whites as a people are therefore evil from within right? Whatever logic you use to say what I am saying is wrong, could also said to debunk you guys as well and your awkaward act of somehow condemning God along with the people’s actions.

  • Gayle
  • Biblexaminer

    The TRUTH will be the end of Watchtower.

  • Kathleen Conti

    “Wow” Loren, I could not have said it better ….And believe me I say it all the time and every chance I get.

  • Kathleen Conti


    Thank you for your update and yes tense is just how we feel waiting for the Judges decision, it could be any minute now with the dead line being tomorrow August 25th. I think this long delay is only going to spell out bad news for the WT, I think it’s going to be real ugly for them. Their evil ways have finally caught up with them.

  • Loren.

    A letter to the gb.

    I read the transcripts and you- Mr Watchtower are both idiotic and unaware or unmoved by the damage you are promoting.
    Candace and her mother-The way that they have suffered in the so called “truth”-the “pure organisation” is both appalling and incredible.

    If Kathleen had not of endured all that she did in this organisation, and then consequently her daughter too- well they both would have had a chance at being fine, at avoiding all this horror, this abuse and its repercussions. But you made it this way.

    This case highlights – the effects of abuse, sexual abuse with in a family -over generations- whilst showing that a group that claim to be gods truth and pure is in fact a weak cowardly self-serving heartless business. A fraud.

    You claim to be a refuge from pain- a place of hope, yet in reality are the very same place/arena-that the pain was created in.
    The impure place-Yes the source is the infection -is the watchtower & all fed and nurtured from the same damned infected petri dish.
    A self-perpetuating hot house of bacteria where paedophilia was and is nurtured and allowed to multiply.

    Shame on you men in suits -with your titles and magazines and writing department.
    Shame on you and your insincere back covering sneaky letters and files.

    You yes you- who claimed to publish the much needed “good news” and ground breaking insights that the world so desperately need..
    Yet there you are- Looking out over cliff tops and commenting and warning of the impending rocks and dangers ahead.
    The watchtower symbolises a unique vantage point right? A protective lighthouse.
    That’s what you claimed in court. Well you didn’t see this coming did you, some watchmen you are.

    You watchtower- who let paedophiles remain baptised and walk amongst you (and your babies) despite claiming to get the unclean thing away from you.

    You know what unclean is and that’s why you harbour uncleanliness as you and it are one and the same. Shame on you.

    Shame on you for not knowing love for not being evolved grownups, for being weak men of no real heart, men with no integrity other than to listen obey and be blessed.. Just like the kids video says. You are no better than oversized but very dangerous infants.
    The wt has made you that way and like obedient traumatized stripped down children you do as asked and obey.

  • http://smmcroberts.net Steve

    I’m so proud of Candace for not just “waiting on Jehovah” to make it right (as if abuse could ever be “made right”). No child should ever have to go through this. The actual damage can never be compensated: the only way it will stop is by punitive damages. I hope they’re as large as can be.