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Does the Watchtower Society Replace Jehovah?

Submitted by Jaymes on May 21, 2012 - 5:00 am 22 Comments

Does the Watchtower Society Replace Jehovah?One of the many reasons I decided to no longer be a Jehovah’s Witness was because it came to my attention that the Watchtower Society had actually replaced God. From my discussions with a fair amount of ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses, I see that it’s widely accepted that the Organisation does in fact subtly demand to be worshipped like God.

Please ask yourselves the following question: Is the Watchtower Society God’s mouthpiece, or are they God incarnate? I only ask because it’s the Watchtower themselves that make the claim “to question the Organisation is like questioning Jehovah himself!” We must accept everything they tell us because it is as if Jehovah has told us these things himself, right?

Okay, knowing that, please take a second to answer the following multiple choice quiz:

If you ask a Jehovah’s Witness who they worship, how will they answer?

  1. We worship Jehovah God.
  2. We worship the Watchtower Society.

How did you get on? I think it’s safe to say that nearly all Jehovah’s Witnesses would claim to worship Jehovah God and NOT the Watchtower Society. This troubles me though. Tell me if I’m wrong, but when you tell a Jehovah’s Witness to their face that the Organisation is plain wrong and then proceed to give examples of how they have flip-flopped doctrine and caused so much harm to families, what’s the common accusation they fire at you?

You’re an Apostate!

I have been called an apostate quite a few times recently. I always try to ask my accuser to stipulate the grounds on why they’ve called me an Apostate. Unfortunately, none of them have had the decency to answer my simple question. If I’m not mistaken, isn’t an Apostate someone who goes against God? Wasn’t Satan classed as the first Apostate because he lied about God? While generally the word Apostate refers to anyone who leaves a religious group, the Jehovah’s Witnesses have redefined it (as they like to do to many words – see, ‘generation’) to label a person as an enemy and opposer of Jehovah.

Therefore, if I tell fellow Jehovah’s Witnesses that the Watchtower Society is a haven for paedophiles, in what way am I lying about God? Would I be right in saying that anyone calling you an Apostate for discussing the terrible facts about the Jehovah’s Witness Organisation is in fact replacing God with the Watchtower Organisation?

I think all Jehovah’s Witnesses would be far more easier to talk to if they openly admitted to worshipping a group of men in North America.

  • Steve McRoberts

    That’s quite a sentence, Sne Marlee! Unfortunately, it’s virtually unreadable.

    In any case, you don’t need to ramble on with the official Watchtower view of things; we’re all nauseatingly familiar with what they believe. Much as you have done, I recently wrote a synopsis of their beliefs — though it has the advantage of punctuation and grammar: http://smmcroberts.net/blog/the-whole-truth-story/

    You parrot their claim that the Bible is “harmonious,” but nothing could be further from the truth, as you can easily ascertain by reading it objectively cover-to-cover rather than the carefully selected out-of-context quotes found in Watchtower publications. Here’s a book I wrote on that very subject to help you out: http://smmcroberts.net/religion/fundamentalism/bible/cbgw/index.html

    But since you say you can prove everything the Watchtower teaches from the Bible, please show us in the Bible where it states that fractionated blood products are acceptable while platelets are not. Until you show us that scripture we will continue to believe the overwhelming evidence that Jehovah’s Witnesses follow the Watchtower rather than Jehovah. You can prove this to yourself by taking this simple quiz, and answering it honestly: http://smmcroberts.net/blog/quiz-jehovah-or-the-watchtower/

  • Sne Marlee

    all of yall comments are lies about jehovah witnesses we worship jehovah god not thw the watchtowr society jehovah is the only true god and jesus christ is his son who died for us for are sins an they are one as of an man an wife or as a father ans on son in unity not physical one person an i can prove everytinng from the bible jehovah what you to use his name when you pray to him threw jesus christ because he died for us psalmes 83:18 people may know that i who are the most high over the earth name is jehovah jesus is his son which he sent an jesus was willing to sacrifice himself so we can have the hope of everlasting life because adam was created a perect human which he disobeyed jehovah which we as his offsprings inherited sin an in order to pay for us to recieve everlasting life gain which adam was suppose to have until he disobeyed so jesus willingly came down as a perfect huan an died for us to be forgiven for our sins because only another perfect life could replace what adam messed up for us lot of bible take his name out a replace it with lord because they dont want you to know jehovah or get to know him which satan had that done to lot of bibles cause he dont want you to learn about him cause he want you to die like he is going to die just like in noahs days he preached went door to door tellin people what was going to happen an all they did was laugh an riducule him until that day came a flooded the earth an destroyed everybody aceppt noah an his family same with jehovahs people today they get riduculed or lied about or laughed at or the door slammed in they face when all they are tryin to do is save you from the day of jehovahs great anger an it on you to listen a followthe footstteps an try to immitate jesus an prached such as he did the bible says there is only one true religion and that religion is the ones that worship jehovah god almighty he want you to use his name god or lord is a title like man or boy or lady or woman but if i say hey man are you gonna answer No but if i call your name you gone turn around an listen so dont believe lies to learn the truth about jehovahs people Jw.0rg an you will get the truth about jehovahs people an about jesus christ his son dont listen to the lies in these blogs or in the intenet they are not a cult they are simply people who try their best to follow gods rules as best as they can but we are imperfect humans so no one is perfect so you cant expect anyone to be perfect but you can try your best to apply the things in your life an i garantee youu if you live by gods standards or try you will live a better life like the bible say seek first the kingdom an everything else will be added to you jehovah is real jesus is real an apostate is someone who claims they worship jehovah but tell lies about him if you cant prove it from gods word the bible which yes was written by men 1000s of years apart but still comes into complete harmony as one book it is inspired by god just as if your a boss an you have a secretary right a letter for you its not the secretary word its the bosses words but the secrtary wrote it same as the bible he put it into they hearts what to right so people please get your facts right before you make such foolish comments

  • smmcroberts

    Yes, the Society has replaced Jehovah, as this simple quiz will reveal to you beyond doubt: http://smmcroberts.net/blog/quiz-jehovah-or-the-watchtower/

  • Maria D.

    Dear Nonsense,
    Clearly you have been educated by Jehovah’s Witnesses and not an ACTUAL institution of learning of any kind, considering your lack of grammar skills.

    YOU SAID: “talking about his organization is such an evil manor”
    CORRECT WAY: “talking about his organization IN such an evil MANNER.”

    YOU SAID: “If you want my advice, quite while you think you are ahead”
    CORRECT WAY: “If you want my advice, [no one asked for that, by the way] QUIT while you think you are ahead…

    YOU SAID: “because just like your farther,”
    CORRECT WAY: “because just like your FATHER…”

    And that’s just the grammatical errors in your nonsensical comment. The fact that you spent all that time writing an entire paragraph that literally had NO FACTUAL POINTS whatsoever just proves you live very much up to your name: Nonsense.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    Well, why do you believe in god? Do you think that’s a good reason?

  • Enlightened

    Well, I too used to be a “good” witness. Unfortunately, I must have Satan living in me because my “mind’s eye” has been opended. Everything the brotherhood does isn’t for the welfare of the brethren but rather for ultimate control of these people’s lives. I guess the only thing I will be forever grateful to the Brotherhood, or Jehovah’s Witness so as not leave you speculating who I could be refering to, is that I now abhor religion. All of them! I’m sure there’s some sort of creator, divine entity, etc., but as for religion, they have turned God into a tool to torture, control, rob, and brainwash people. All religions are wrong where humans have the lead.

    My question to all of you, “Why do you feel the need to worship anything?” And please none of your JW brainwashed bullshiite.

  • EveH

    Why are you saying this? Joel wasn’t defending the witnesses and he’s probably not a native speaker (neither am I for that matter….)

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    The more ‘faithful’ they come, the worse their grammar and spelling usually are…

    Yes Joel, bla bla, we already know what Jehovah’s Witnesses believe, the poor reasons why, and that none of it makes sense.

  • joel

    there is nothing like jehovah organization we only av one church and christ as d head to all who belief in d death and ressurection of d lord Jesus and dat has accepted him as thr saviour and lord.. av u forgoten jesus told d pharisee and saducee dat i and my father are one? Jesus is God whether u likes it or not it cant change d truth.

  • Sunny Martin

    Oh dear….maybe they will get found out when the other JWs turn up who shouldn’t be on here either :)

  • johnny

    you do not mess with the watchtower organisation. whatever they say goes, if they say jump you say how high,if they say the world will end on a certain date you say yes if nothing happened you just go along with the flow because the light gets brighter anyway if they say that jerusalem was destryed in 607bce just ignore the evidence and say yes if they say jesus was nailed on a stake just ignore the evidence and say yes if they say they only joined the united nations because they need a pass just believe them and say yes if they say they dont have problems with paedophiles just turn a blind eye and say yes whatever they say just say yes if they say they have the truth just say yes if they say the sky is green and not blue just say yes because the truth belongs to them . yes????

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    @noble – You have a point that if a god existed, it could be considered rude in most cultures to call it by a name, rather than a title. Jehovah’s Witnesses say that to build a relationship with someone, you’d need to use their name, and that god said in the bible that he wants his name proclaimed, so that line of thinking is unlikely to phase any of them. Thanks for commenting!

  • noble madzudzo

    is correct and respectful in any culture to call your father by his name?i know my fathers name but i can never out of respect call him by his actual name.is it proper,is it not disrespectful to be constanly uttering a holy name and degrading it?

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    @Nonsense, please be my guest. The JWB promise applies – if you can prove we have lied about anything, we’ll retract it with a public apology. I think you’ll see that we have some very valid points. If you want a friendly, respectful (I promise, but expect the same in return) discussion or debate about this, please email me on andrew@jehovahswitnessblog.com. We are not all evil sons of Satan.



  • Dizzy

    @ nonsence: You just said yourself, that it says things against the organization. Now think to yourself about your previous comment about us all being apostate and directly saying things against God and review it. It is NOT against God, but against the Watchtower organization. That is a VERY big difference. But again, you say that saying things against the organization makes us Apostate.
    So you are linking: “say something against the watchtower, you say something against God”
    Second People in cults don’t realise they are in cults. Thats the problem. You think people that joined many cults and sold everything, took thier lives, etc, would have done if they KNEW it was just a cult?

    We welcome your “proof” and it will make an interesting read.

    And you do realise Dizzy is a name… for example.. dizzy dean, famous american baseball pitcher.

  • Nonsense

    Mr. Andrew, please give me some time and I will prove at least half your articles are boogies.

  • Nonsense

    Mr. Dizzy. I have read many of the articles on here and although some of them are humerous, they are not true. This website “paints” the picture of the Organization being some kind of comic related religion. For instance, there are many articles that talk about the Watchtower being a cult. I have been a Jehovah’s Witness since 1996, coming from a Baptist background. I can categorically tell you that the Jehovah’s Witnesses are not a cult and not even close. To even liken this faith to a cult shows you for what you are, Apostates. As I said, I was not a “born-in” witness, but got baptised when I was 22 years old and since that time I have met my wonderful wife and we now have 4 children. Don’t you think I would have realised if I were in a cult??

    Catherine – When you have the power of an extremely supernatural being clouding your judgement, then yes, it is possible for all ex-Jehovah’s Witnesses to be wrong all at the same time. All ex-JWs might not be in communication with each other, but you can bet your life that Satan and his demons are talking to each other each and every second. You may want to rethink your point..

    Dizzy – I am on websites like this because my daughter told me about it and I find it interesting having debates with people that used to be Jehovah’s Witnesses and now aren’t. In fact, I find it hillarious that you can be without Jehovah’s organization for so long? When you talk about facts, I can tell you that I have seen the will of God in my life. I have witnessed his unconditional love in my life. So go ahead with your science nonsense. As I said to Catherine, Satan works in amazing ways. I have seen all the evidence, I really have. But I have also attempted suicide and been brought back by Jehovah’s will. So yes, I have a faith, but its backed up by more than blindness. Its backed up by things I have witnessed myself.

    Zachary Loucas – London
    PS I’m not scared to say my real name, unlike you Dizzy.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    Funny that. Not a single Jehovah’s Witness ever even tries to refute any point we make. They just attack us personally, as if that will discredit what we say. That is the sign that they have no answers.

  • Dizzy

    @ nonsence: On another point. Doesn’t your organization tell you not to go on “apostate” websites? If you believe this is all apostate, why do you keep returning, going AGAINST what your organization has said?

  • Dizzy

    @ nonsence: well obviously by that comment, you DO care.
    And have you read the articles, or do you just blindly assume that as it paints your “holy” organization in a bad light, it MUST be apostate. Again, throwing that word around because the watchtower organization tell you to. Nothing said had been degrading to Jehovah. It simply puts FACTS that, if you can PROVE are wrong, will be removed with a public apology. Funny how people just shout abuse instead of submitting PROOF that things said here are wrong. Just because the organization SAYS it is the right one, the true religion, does not make it a FACT. And if you were truely dedicated to GOD and not the watchtower organization, then you’d be open to actually questioning the organization yourself to see fully if it is the right religion. There is nothing wrong in doing that. How can one be truely sure a religion is a TRUE religion if they have to follow every word blindly and not be able to actually use thier minds and freely question things?

  • Catherine

    The rant in this comment above just proves the point of your article. Millions of ex JWs cannot ALL be wrong about the WTBTS. Its statistically impossible nor are they ALL in communication with one another to ‘persecute’ current JWs.

  • Nonsense

    What a load of rubbish! I am a Jehovah’s Witness and call you out as an apostate because you degrade Jehovah by talking about his organization is such an evil manor. It has nothing to do with you lying about Jehovah. You are an apostate because you have gone against his will. You say you were a Jehovah’s Witness, so I don’t need to remind you what his will on earth is, do I?? If you want my advice, quite while you think you are ahead and stop with all this nonsense. You are an apostate because just like your farther, all you can do is lie about Jehovah and his organization. So go on then, continue and see if I care..