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Jehovah’s Witnesses Warn Against the Internet

Submitted by Jaymes on May 8, 2012 - 1:20 pm 8 Comments

Watchtower warns against the internetEvery now and then, the Watchower Society publishes some real gems of knowledge. Take the article in the study edition of the August 15th 2011 Watchtower, appropriately titled “The Internet – Making Wise Use of a Global Tool.”

Now I don’t want to waste your time, therefore I’ll let the cat out of the bag. I am about to analyse and destroy this article. If this offends you and you think Satan is my daddy, you’re free to leave.

Good. Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s take a closer look at the “Information – Reliable or False?” section of the article:

“Never assume that all information found on the Internet is good and beneficial. Internet search engines might be compared to a legion of mushroom pickers who tirelessly collect all types of mushrooms – edible as well as poisonous – throwing them into a single container and dishing them out for us to eat.”

“Making false accusations and the general distrust of others also frequently accompany paranoia.” – Source: Wikipedia.

Why did I just throw in Wikipedia’s definition of paranoia? Well, if you’re going to write an article that on the surface looks like it’s taking a balanced view, but what you’re really doing is whitewashing it with subliminal content, I advise taking lessons from the anonymous authors that work for the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society. These mysterious authors are great at fostering paranoia against the internet. Their next statement is, well, rather silly…

“Would you start eating these mushrooms without carefully examining each one? Of course not! Internet search engines use a huge number of computers to harvest or select from billions of Web pages containing everything from the very best to the very worst. We need discernment to separate the wheat from the chaff, as it were, lest we poison our minds with mis-information.”

Is it me, or have we just hit our heads against a paradox? How does one go about selecting the “wheat from the chaff” where search results are concerned? Surely you would need to click on the actual link and carefully judge the website according to its own merits. As we rub the spot where our heads hit the paradox, I am sure you’ll agree with me that the discernment of the search results section defeats the original goal of the illustration, which was clearly to warn people away from using search engines willy-nilly.

This viral excuse of diatribe continues:

“Do not become an “Internet Eve.” Be critical and suspicious of the information. Before trusting it, ask: (1) Who published this material? What are the author’s credentials? (2) Why was this published? What motivated the writer? Is there any bias? (3) Where did the author get the information? Does he supply sources that can be checked? (4) Is the information current?”

Did they just tell us to be “critical and suspicious of the information?” Surely I misread that? I had a face-palm moment when I read the “what are the author’s credentials” line. Is the Watchtower being serious?

Can I be serious (for a change)? Let me ask some questions. Who published this material? Yes, we know it’s published by the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society, but who actually wrote this nonsense? Can we have a name please? No? Oh, that’s unfortunate. You see, I enjoy spending my time reading the drivel that these anonymous authors (who hide behind a billion-dollar corporation) pass off as “spirit-directed” content. What’s even funnier is that I also enjoy living my life by what these buffoons put in their copy!

Credentials, credentials, credentials. “What are the author’s credentials?” Well, I can tell you mine if you want me to? Simply send me an email and I’ll send you my credentials. Can I ask what credentials these anonymous author’s have? Yes, yes, they’re appointed by the Governing Body, but who cares?

“Why was this published?” Well, if we’re talking about JWB, it was published to make you laugh at the fact that once upon a time, you actually believed these fools! “What motivated the writer?” Well, if you ask this of the Watchtower, I am sure they’ll tell you that it has something to do with the power-trip these guys have over seven million deluded Jehovah’s Witnesses. “Is there any bias?” With regards the Watchtower Organisation? No, of course not! “Where did the author get the information?” Silly question! There are two plastic cups that are joined by string. Jehovah has one and the other is firmly pressed against the Governing Body’s ear.

I saved the best till last: “Does he supply sources that can be checked?” Yes, the Watchtower helped me write the article Did Jesus Christ Die on a Cross or a Stake? Their magazines and books are full of quotes that can be verified and checked. If only more Jehovah’s Witnesses checked the source quotes…

How does this carefully written piece of diarrhea end?

“So, then, what should we do with regard to the Internet? Shun it altogether? That may be necessary in some cases. The Internet junkie mentioned earlier did that in order to overcome years of addiction. On the other hand, using the Internet can benefit us, provided we let ‘thinking ability keep guard over us and discernment safeguard us.’-Prov. 2:10, 11.”

Basically, you can use the internet, but you need to use it in mind with the terms of service that you signed over to us – you remember, right? It was the day when you also signed over your life?

I am surprised the article didn’t cap it off with:

“We, the Watchtower – God’s only selected Organisation here on Earth would recommend that you refrain from using the internet, unless it is to visit our website. We wouldn’t like to have to disfellowship you, therefore, stay on the righteous path.”

  • Darrin Hart

    The Internet is allowing Jehovah’s Witnesses to break free of cognitive dissonance and look at the insanity they have committed to printed pages for over 100 years. The ‘organization’ is going out of it’s way to hide past blunders and make certain they are unavailable to the common ‘publisher’…. I encourage anyone to use the resources at your disposal, including the Internet, to learn the truth about JWs.


  • Andres

    I love it when the Watchtower ask Who published this material? What are the author’s credentials? Why was this published? What motivated the writer? Is there any bias? Where did the author get the information? Does he supply sources that can be checked? Is the information current?”

    First of all the Watchtower themselves don’t even follow that line of thought and research. They quote Trinitarians and don’t quote them in context. The Watchtower does not supply references or sources where one can check the quotes. I mean really. These men of The Watchtower are so hypocritical and nauseating.

  • Linda

    “There are two plastic cups that are joined by string. Jehovah has one and the other is firmly pressed against the Governing Body’s ear.”
    Love it. Thanks for the chuckle.

  • Jason

    You have to laugh
    “Do not become an “Internet Eve.” Be critical and suspicious of the information. Before trusting it, ask:
    (1) Who published this material? The Watchtower & Bible Tract Society

    What are the author’s credentials? Took a creative writing course

    (2) Why was this published? To instill paranoia and fear

    What motivated the writer? The internet has allowed anyone to access information that we would rather sweep under the rug. We have to try and put a stop to it.

    Is there any bias? Of course not. Jehovah speaks through us and we have a responsibility to make sure everyone continues to worship him and we have to do it any way we can. Afterall, their lives depend on it.

    (3) Where did the author get the information? Cult Management for Dummies!

    Does he supply sources that can be checked? Sometimes, but always hoping no one will actually check it, then they might see how it has been used out of context.

    (4) Is the information current? Until Jehovah gives us NEW LIGHT!

    Watchtowers really are written at a primary school level. It is actually quite amusing to read the articles and see how simple they are as if written for children.

  • Trudy Zelenka

    So, if we are ‘in Christ’, then we are ‘in the Truth’. There are many false Christs parading around as shepherds of God. One must be very discerning to know whether or not a spiritual teacher is actually a true follower of Christ or a fake who makes disciples after their own selves. If the Watchtower Governing Body were true followers of Christ, they would make sure all those being taught by them would be partaking of the bread and wine passed during the “Lords’ supper’, It was meant for all true followers of Christ. Before Christ departed he gave his Jewish disciples a commandment. What did he say to them?

    “Go therefore and make disciples of all the nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and the Son and the Holy Spirit, 20 teaching them to observe all that I commanded you;
    ( Matthew 28:19-20 )
    Exodus 31:13
    “Say to the Israelites, ‘You must observe my Sabbaths.

    Now, the word, ‘observe’ does not mean to become an onlooker, that is, someone who watches others do it and not do it yourself. What would have happened to an Israelite if he did not observe the Sabbath? He would have displeased God and would have been punished.

    Now, did Christ teach his disciples to pass the wine and bread without eating or drinking of it? Of course Not! So now, why has the Gov. Body taught their members to disregard the bread and wine? Especially since Christ said that he would resurrect all those who ate of it and drink of it. ~
    Truly! It is not about having some kind of ‘feeling’ or seeing an apparition’ to know whether or not one should partake; no no! It is much more than that! It is about OBEDIENCE to the Words of Christ.

  • Trudy Zelenka

    Wisdom and discernment is necessary when reading Watchtower articles. Beware; look up the scriptures quoted in each paragraph to see if whether or not they pertain to the convincing argument. The ‘us against ‘them public talks are meant to convince Jehovah’s Witnesses that they are ‘in the truth’ but all others are lead by Satan. Now, mmm what does it mean to be ‘in the truth?’
    John 14:6, Christ said, “I am the truth”. But the Watchtower organization has made their members believe the Watchtower is ‘the truth’. Check it out for yourself. How many times the new testament uses the phrase ” IN CHRIST”. Now this phrase is completely foreign to a Jehovah’s Witness. Why? because the Watchtower representatives hide ‘ the truth’ from their members. What a paradox!

  • Debbie Moore

    I am amazed to see that the WTBTS says to use “thinking ability” because since when have JWs been allowed to THINK ANYTHING FOR THEMSELVES??? I cannot count the number of times I was PRIVATELY COUNSELLED by a COMMITTEE about my INDEPENDENT THINKING and how WRONG it was to actually use my God-given brain for the purpose of thinking!!!!! OMG and since when were JWs ever allowed to research WHO wrote their BIBLE – speaking of knowing the credntials and background of what one is reading. I did not know til AFTER I left being a JW after being raised as one 45 yrs that the ones that wrote The New World Translation were 5 men on the GB who did NOT KNOW HEBREW or GREEK were the ones that wrote it!! Obviously not QUALIFIED as was brought out in Court!!! This article REEKS of lies and paranoia because if some, like I did, started actually doing their own research and not just go by what they’ve been brainwashed to believe and yeah I was brainwashed by them too, but I broke free because since I was a little kid, I had questions nobody could even begin to answer! Thats one reason nobody wanted to call on me to comment because I always had a question to go along with it!! LOL! Godspeed on GETTING OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE IF YOU DO NOT WANT TO SHARE WITH HER IN HER FATE!!! Get out of the FALSE PROPHET THAT THE WATCHTOWER SOCIETY IS FRIENDS BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE!!!

  • Dizzy

    Oh crap!

    I read this article on the internet and didn’t cheack all the crudentials over the top and didn’t listen to the Watchtower organization in thier paranioa and fear of people finding out the real truth about their twisted organizational cult.
    I can feel God’s judgement in my belly… no wait! Thats just gas.

    Good work at showing how the Watchtower go about trying to control people who blindly follow