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Watchtower Contradiction in the 15th June 2012 Magazine

Submitted by Jaymes on August 20, 2012 - 12:21 pm 6 Comments

Isn't Brother Prince a Watchtower Contradiction?Unfortunately this article isn’t about Brother Prince. I’ve been trying to get some info on him for ages but nothing’s coming through. So we’ll have to take a look at another Watchtower contradiction – The Watchtower Magazine! Let’s get started.

In the good old days, Jehovah wrote the Bible via dictation using a bunch of men. Dictating has evolved drastically over the years, but you must understand that back when Jehovah was speaking to these nomadic, chauvinistic, barbaric, incestuous, imbecilic, obnoxious, unpleasant sheep and woman herders, dictation wasn’t up to scratch. Ergo why the Bible is full of contradictions. You can believe that, or you can believe that the Bible isn’t from God at all. However, for this blog post to work, let’s assume that the Supreme Being of the Universe had in fact selected these simpletons to write the greatest works of the universe.

Now then, let’s fast-forward to today. Apparently, Jehovah didn’t learn from his mistakes when selecting a chosen few to spread his word. Instead of drafting men from the Middle East, he went in the opposite direction – West. The United States of America to be exact. Since he hand-picked Charlie, he’s been using the Watchtower Society to pedal his ‘Word.’

If there’s a similarity between the ancient morons and this current batch, it’s that both enjoy contradicting themselves. To be honest with you, nothing beats a good Watchtower contradiction! There are – as many of you know – far too many contradictions to go through. If Andrew and myself ever manage to get the JWB Wiki going, we’ll be adding a host of them there along with Jehovah’s Witness Urban Legends and Questions from Readers. In the meantime, we can all point our fingers and laugh at the Watchtower Society for continuing its current contractionary trend.

What is a Contradiction?

I nearly forgot! For those that aren’t too sure what ‘Contradiction’ means, Wikipedia comes to our aid:

In classical logic, a contradiction consists of a logical incompatibility between two or more propositions. It occurs when the propositions, taken together, yield two conclusions which form the logical, usually opposite inversions of each other.

So then, you can’t say “he [Judas] threw the silver pieces into the temple and withdrew, and went off and hanged himself” (Matthew 27: 5) and then say “This very man [Judas], therefore, purchased a field with the wages for unrighteousness, and pitching head foremost he noisily burst in his midst and all his intestines were poured out” (Acts 1:18). I suppose if you’re Jehovah, you can say anything, but when it comes to a Watchtower contradiction, a few eyebrows are raised.

Recent Watchtower Contradiction

The Governing Body of Jehovah’s Witnesses certainly isn’t Jehovah and as yesterday’s JWB article shows, Jehovah isn’t even calling the shots with regards to policy change. So when Leaving Quietly found this blooper in the June 15th 2012 study edition of the Watchtower magazine, we simply had to share it with you. I’ve taken a screenshot of the ‘Jehovah Reveals What Must Shortly Take Place’ article and highlighted paragraph 5 and the footnote.

Contradiction found in the June 15th 2012 Study Edition of the Watchtower

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For those that haven’t clicked on the above image, here’s what paragraph 5 says:

5 Though Britain gained dominance, colonies in North America broke away. Even so, the United States was allowed to grow mighty, protected by British naval power. By the time the Lord’s day began in 1914, Britain had built the largest empire in history and the United States had become the greatest industrial power on earth.*During World War I, the United States forged a special partnership with Britain. The seventh head of the beast had now emerged as the Anglo-American World Power. How did this head treat the seed of the woman?

The footnote reads:

Although the components of the dual world power have existed since the 18th century, John describes it as it would appear at the start of the Lord’s day. In fact, the fulfillment of the visions recorded in Revelation takes place during “the Lord’s day.” (Rev. 1:10) It was not until World War I that the seventh head began operating as a united world power.

It’s quite clear what the Watchtower Society is trying to say here. Let’s now take a closer look at the previous article of the same Watchtower magazine issue. In paragraph 6 on page 8 of the ‘Jehovah Is a Revealer of Secrets’ article (shame he hasn’t revealed my mothers secret…oops), we see the following:

Contradiction in the study edition of the 15th June 2012 Watchtower magazine

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Paragraph 6 says the following:

6 At the close of the first century C.E., the resurrected Jesus gave the apostle John a series of stunning visions. (Rev. 1:1) In one of them, John saw the Devil, represented as a dragon, standing on the shore of a vast sea. (Read Revelation 13:1, 2.) John also saw a strange beast rise from that sea and receive great authority from the Devil. An angel later indicates to John that the seven heads of a scarlet beast, which is an image of the beast of Revelation 13:1, represent “seven kings,” or governments. (Rev. 13:14, 15; 17:3, 9, 10) At the time of John’s writing, five of those had fallen, one was currently in power, and one had “not yet arrived.” What is the identity of those kingdoms, or world powers? Let us consider each of the heads of the beast described in Revelation. We will also see how the writings of Daniel added detailed insights into many of these kingdoms, sometimes centuries before they came into existence.

Oh dear. If, indeed, “the fulfillment of the visions recorded in Revelation” are in the Lord’s day, then the entire interpretation regarding the prophecy about the wild beast needs a reboot. Now do you see why that tent maker told us to “not go beyond the things written?

  • Bear

    I don’t get it, it was happening in the lords day because kingdoms had already fallen and one in power and one unnamed right?so in the lords day thru to now but now they now it’s UN, so what’s the point

  • whiskey sweet

    oops. i see what happened. sorry. i was referencing the SAME article, rather than the previous one. i got confused.

  • whiskey sweet

    this is really freaky. 15 hours ago, wol.jw.org said this:

    6 Shortly after the start of the Lord’s day, the seventh head launched an attack on God’s people—the remaining ones of Christ’s brothers on earth. (Matt. 25:40) Jesus indicated that during his presence, a remnant of the seed would be active on earth. (Matt. 24:45-47; Gal. 3:26-29) The Anglo-American World Power waged war with those holy ones. (Rev. 13:3, 7) During World War I, it oppressed God’s people, banned some of their publications, and threw representatives of the faithful slave class into prison. The seventh head of the wild beast as much as killed the preaching work for a period of time. Jehovah foresaw this dramatic event and revealed it to John. God also told John that the secondary part of the seed would be revived to increased spiritual activity. (Rev. 11:3, 7-11) The history of Jehovah’s modern-day servants confirms that those events took place.

    now i’m really freaking out.

  • http://www.JehovahsWitnessBlog.com Andrew

    I don’t see that they edited it… can you point it out for us?

  • Lady Libertine


    It took me a minute, going ” What? I don’t see it…” before seeing the glaring ” the fulfillments of revelation take place during the Lord’s Day”.


    Huh, so what do we make of that? 1914 overhaul, anyone? Hey, it’s subtle (something they’re usually just not…but possible).

    Especially on the wings of a rumor saying that doctrine is about to be shaken up in a major way.

  • whiskey sweet

    just thought you’d like to know, wt edited the wol.jw.org article on you. kudos for taking screenshots.